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According to the research, approximately 30 % of students at universities and colleges take minimum one online course and cannot cope with the tasks without professional guidance. Efficient discussion board help is needed by those who cannot discuss the issues with the instructors in the academic settings of traditional types. They cannot understand whether they do the assignment properly on the basis of the hint from the teacher, some movement of his head, or nodding when the answer is given orally. The only interaction between the instructors and the students is implemented via a discussion board post.

So, how is it possible to define a discussion board? It is a learning platform for online course learning through which the students interact with each other, comment on the answers of others, and ask questions. Furthermore, they use those platforms to deliver their class and home assignments. What can be the typical online discussion board assignments? Those are reflections of different kinds, analysis of a certain reading, or question-answer test on the basis of the studied material. Overall, the assessment of knowledge in the discussion board post assignments is done in a similar manner as it is done with the paper assignment delivered to the teacher personally.

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Addressing online experts can be of great help to the students when they are at a loss or lack experience at doing such tasks. Here is valuable guidance given by the Best-Custom-Essays.com experts:

  1. First of all, do careful examination of the requirements. You have to be sure that you understand what the instructor will accept as a right answer. Always check on the word count of each task: it is wrong both to make the assignments shorter and to exceed the number of required words.
  2. Check on the evidence. You have to defend specific arguments, and that requires valid evidence, not vague claims or speculations. Every argument should be backed up with credible references and sources. Your readers will be impressed with an interesting quotation or statement from an academic journal or reputable newspaper even if the requirements do not imply using any sources. Make sure that none of the ideas from the paper is plagiarized. If you need to use the statement of another person, you have to cite the source, with no exception to that rule.
    If your task is to respond to a discussion post, you have to begin a new conversation with the author instead of commenting on the previous replies. It is insufficient just to acknowledge that you agree or disagree with the post. What is expected from you is the development and justification of your specific position.
  3. Doing online discussion assignments, do not start doing the task on the last day or even the last hours before the submission. Check on the deadline of every task to do every time when your classmate or professor posts a topic for discussion. Waiting until the last minutes, you will waste precious time and then rush with the answers. It is unlikely that responses given in a hurry can be perfect.
  4. If you are hesitant about some vague instructions, do not be afraid to send an email to your professor and get clarifications. Always check on the requirements of every assignment on the message board and avoid all kinds of confusion.
  5. Do not use any acronyms or slang. Mind the tone of your answer. Remember that you comment to get graded, not just to share your opinion. If you feel not sure that you can meet all the demands, buy a cheap discussion board post from a reliable online discussion service and avoid making mistakes. Make sure that there is no shorthand jargon used. Your sentences are to be full with appropriate punctuation and capitalization, where needed. It is wrong to use caps lock or exclamation marks. The instructor will definitely disapprove all kinds of personal insults, offence, or rude works in your answers. If you cannot do without a smiley, you can use it occasionally. Your use of emoji should be limited.

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