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True Story: My College Pays Me

My College Pays Me

Most of you will not believe it is true, but I have a proof. Every month my college sends me a check. In addition, I do not spend money on books and other stuff needed for school. What is more important, I have no loans and debts. If you are wondering how did a mere student achieve that, continue reading my story. Continue reading

How to Eat Healthy on a Student Budget

Eat Healthy on a Student Budget

Maintaining a healthy diet suggests numerous benefits, among which decreasing the risk of diabetes and heart diseases, keeping optimum weight and supplying the organism with the necessary nutrients. One more benefit, which is especially great for students, is that healthy diet can also improve academic performance. Continue reading

Online Education: Advantages and Disadvantages

Online Education

Even though online education has frequently been discussed recently, it is still hard to find a balanced perspective. Some people praise online schooling and say that it presents the educational opportunity of the future, while others consider it to be a despicable facsimile of the traditional education system. If you’re attempting to make a decision on this issue, you might be confused, or even distressed. Continue reading

Alcoholism as a Disease Term Paper

Alcoholism as a Disease

Alcoholism is considered a medical disease that has many negative effects on the economy as well as on the society in general. By definition, alcoholism refers to consuming alcoholic drinks so much and for so long that it begins to seriously affect different aspects of life, including school, work, family, personal safety, health, social relationships etc. However, despite the destructive consequences, a person who is addicted to alcohol continues consuming it. Continue reading

How to Spend Less on Shopping?

How to Spend Less on Shopping

By knowing which products to pick out of the variety, provided in the shops, you can save up to 30 % of your expenses. Here are some useful tips for doing so.

Avoid Buying Brands

Supermarkets usually provide goods of their own production. In terms of quality there is no big difference between them and those made by the well-known brands. However, often their price is much more affordable. Continue reading