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How to Become an Outstanding Project Manager

These days, project management has become a highly prestigious area, which draws interest of an increasing number of the talented people globally. A recent study has shown that more than 96% of companies agree on the fact that a company cannot reach organizational success without project management. Such a demand for a certain kind of professionals always causes incredible competition in a professional area. The question is: how do you make yourself noticeable among the mass of project managers-to-be? Here are 4 pieces of advice, which can help you solve this question. Continue reading

Study Plan Is a Key Component of Success in College

Key Component of Success in College

Being a college student means juggling several tasks at once, doesn’t it? Thus, it is very important to be prepared in order to perform well and have time for yourself. The best option is making a study plan, which is an absolutely helpful tool for a college student, regardless of how busy the schedule might be. Here is a short guide on the main advantages of creating a good study plan.

Benefits of Writing a Study Plan for a College Student

The fact remains that concentrating while studying is typically overwhelming. In addition, you have a lot of notes and other things that you need to think about. Therefore, a study plan is a thing that is absolutely indispensable when it comes to a study process in college at particularly busy times of the academic year. If you have a list of things to do, it is always easier to check what you have done and what you are still supposed to do. Besides, it saves your time, since you can immediately start implementing your plans instead of thinking what you should study. As a result, you will be ready when the finals approach. This way, you will avoid unnecessary stress that usually comes along with exams. Continue reading

Super Senior

Super Senior title=

The term “super seniors” refers to students who study in high school or college during five years or even more. Such name stems from the fact that students who attend such institutions usually need four years for getting their diplomas. Every year of study has its own name. For example, students call the first year as a “freshman” year, the second one is “sophomore”, the third year is called “junior” and the last, fourth year is a “senior” year. However, there is one more category of students who do not fit these labels: the ones who do not leave the college after their fourth year of studies. They are “super seniors.” It is becoming increasingly common for young people to take five years for finishing college. Continue reading

You Can Write a Love Poem

Write a Love Poem

The first writers who come into my mind when I think about the love poetry are Browning and Shakespeare. However, if you want to impress your loved one, it would be much better to write your own piece of poetry rather than reading or writing on a card creative work of someone else. Imagine the face of your beloved one when he or she sees the love poem written by you. It will be definitely worth all the efforts. Continue reading

5 Best High School Summer Jobs

5 Best High School Summer Jobs

School is finally out and while some teens will see this as an opportunity to slack off and do nothing, if you have a goal like buying a car or saving up for college, this is not an option. Those motivated enough will see summer jobs as amazing opportunities to make some cash or show how independent they’ve become. But what jobs are available for high school students? There might be more than you suspect. All you need to do is research what’s available in your area. And here are some possibilities to get you started.


It is a pretty traditional option, but the pay might be better than you think. Responsible babysitters are very rare, so if you are good with kids and try to be on time all the time, parents will practically compete to give you money. And if you want to be even more attractive to potential employers, get some CPR training. There’s nothing more precious to moms and dads than the health and safety of their children. Continue reading