Are you sure that your website works properly? I cannot proceed with my order submission.

The errors in our system happen rarely. The problem you encounter may be related to large files you are trying to upload additionally to your order instructions. Please contact our Live Chat Support and they will solve your issue.

I mistakenly chose a wrong number of pages/academic level/deadline, but the order has been already placed. Can I edit the mentioned details?

You will not be able to do it on your own after the order submission. Please, contact us via the official email indicated on the website. Our agents will change the required information manually. Note: such changes may need compensation.

My order is already in progress. Can I ask my writer to produce more pages?

The supplementary pages should be also ordered additionally. You will find this option in the “My orders” section. For any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

I need to know when my writer will start working on my order.

You will see that your order is in progress when the expert’s ID will become visible next to your order details.

To make sure that the writing process goes smoothly, I prefer to receive a draft of my ordered essay.

There is a possibility of getting a draft of your custom paper after 50% of the work is done by an expert. Usually, we provide 1-page drafts that need extra payment.

Do I always have a revision opportunity?

Yes, even if your paper looks seamless to us, you may have your own suggestions on its improvement. Free revisions can be requested within two or thirty days (depending on your assignment) after the paper is uploaded to the system. There is one aspect you should pay attention to: free revisions are done only when your initial instructions remain the same. Providing different instructions after the order was completed stipulates full payment for writing from scratch.

To request a revision from your writer, you should go to My orders – Completed orders, find the needed project and choose the “Request revision” option.

You also need to give the writer detailed revision directions and set the deadline. In case of questions, reach our Support Representatives.

I noticed that I added incorrect contact details. Is it possible to modify my email/phone number/login details?

When you visit your Profile settings, you will see that contact details can be easily edited. Thus, choose “Edit Profile” and press “Save changes” to make the altered details apply.

How quickly do you search for the most suitable writer?

Best-Custom-Essays.com can boast of an abundance of writers who complete numerous orders daily. Usually, searching for the ultimate expert when a new order is placed takes from 30 minutes to several hours. Depending on the specialists’ availability, urgency, complexity, etc., it may take us a little bit longer.

My request for revision seems to be late. Does it mean my paper will not be revised at all?

No, you always have an opportunity to get your paper revised. However, a late revision request turns into a paid option. It will still cost affordably. You just need to pick “Revision” as a type of assignment when placing your order.

There are certain aspects of the project I have to discuss with my writer directly. Can I contact my expert?

Yes, you can talk to your writer via our messaging system. Please address our Live Chat in case the matter is urgent.

I am your new customer. Where will I be able to find the completed project?

It is incredibly easy! The finished paper will be uploaded to your profile once the deadline expires. You will be able to download it directly from our website. Go to the Orders section in your cabinet and pick the “Files” tab. There will also be an additional email from us with a link to your order.

I heard that some writing agencies can take online tests. Do you offer such services?

Yes, there is an option of online exam assistance from our finest experts. We have completed a range of online tests successfully – clients have been incredibly satisfied. If you want to order this specific service, find the “Online test” order type on our website and proceed with filling in the details! Please note: online testing is an immensely responsible task, so you would not want to miss any tiny detail about it. Provide your potential exam taker with relevant instructions, books, notes, along with the exam’s duration, time, date, and your time zone. Additionally, indicate the login data to the website that has to be accessed to take your test.

Such a brilliant writing service should have experts in web programming. Am I wrong?

Our qualification allows us to complete written assignments, but not coding projects. If you need an essay about modern web development trends, it is still possible to do it. However, coding itself is not our professional competence.

Can I obtain extra notifications of my order status?

You will always receive emails after important changes related to your order are applied. You will instantly know when it is completed if you check your email. However, you may pay for our VIP service and you will receive SMS updates and even calls, when necessary.

Will you notify me when my order is assigned to the corresponding author?

You can track your order status being logged in to your profile. If it is essential to you, then please remember that the “Payment Verification” status does not imply that your order is in progress – it means that the payment has not been processed yet. In this case, you are supposed to press the “Pay now” button to conduct a financial transaction or forward the payment receipt to us. On the contrary, when you see the changed status to “Processing”, then you can rest assured that your personal writer started the creative work. The status “Sent/Completed” means that you can check your final paper.

When will I obtain my seamless completed essay?

The formula works simply: you set your deadline and we meet it. The moment your order is verified, the countdown begins. If you choose a 3-day deadline, then it will be sent to you within 3 days, not earlier and not later.

I think the order page does not work. It keeps uploading my files without success.

Our website works impeccably. However, you should check the size of your files. If the attachments are too big, there might be uploading issues. Do not worry about such failures, you can always share all your files with us via email indicating your order ID in its title. Our support representatives will add them to your assignment.

Do you upload my finished order to my account or a different database?

We never upload the completed work into alternative databases. The assignment is normally attached to your profile and can be found in the segment of the “Processing/Completed” orders.

I uploaded all my files and added order instructions, but I cannot pay for it.

Such errors may be related to the issues with your bank or credit card. If you have sufficient money on your account to pay for the order and your payment limit is fine, then please contact your bank for clarifications. We can only suggest using a different device or a more reliable browser.

I suppose some experienced writers work faster than the others, so they may complete my order earlier. Will they upload the assignment to the system before the deadline?

Even if technically your writer can complete the work earlier, we work strictly according to the deadlines initially set. Nonetheless, you can change the order completion urgency for an additional price.

Should I wait for an additional email with my completed order?

We advise you to memorize your deadline and check your account after the due date expires. The order will be uploaded to the website’s system. Despite the fact that we send additional emails with links to your completed orders, there are instances when those messages get into Spam. Hence, please download your order directly from Best-Custom-Essays.com.

Why should I pay for my preferred writer if I choose a supreme level of writing?

When picking a supreme level of writing, you can be sure that your paper will be allocated to one of our top 30 experts specializing in your area. Additionally, you will get a detailed plagiarism report. In case you want your paper to be created by a preferred writer, the one who has already written papers for you and you remained satisfied with your cooperation, you can make your order by selecting your preferred expert and a supreme level of writing. Our Writing Department will do their best to assign the desired writer to your assignment immediately.

I need to hide certain private details like my phone number. Is it necessary to indicate it?

You are not obliged to share your private number. Yet, you should bear in mind that urgent calls may lead to a more refined understanding of your needs.

As your new customer, I am a bit worried about my privacy. What are your confidentiality guarantees?

The apparent fact is that our firm Privacy Policy embodies our trustworthiness. We do not want to lose our clients because of confidentiality breaches. We are simply not interested in it. Our major rule is keeping the privacy of both our writers and customers. All the details you share with us will never be stored or disclosed.

I am not satisfied with my first revision. How many revisions can I request within a free revision period?

You are lucky to find out about our option of multiple revisions. They need to be paid for only after the free revision period expires.

What are the guarantees of authenticity? Is my work protected against blind copy and pasting?

Our writers are not amateurs. We hire only professionals who know how to write genuine academic papers. All the works completed by us are fully authentic. To ensure this, we scan each of them by our plagiarism detection system before delivery.

What kind of expert will produce my essay?

We will find the most suitable writer according to your needs. There is an impressive range of disciplines our experts are knowledgeable about.

Can I order additional proofreading?

Yes, if you need scrupulous proofreading of your text, you can choose one of our VIP services related to it. Once you tick the “Get an order proofread by an editor” option, its price will be added to the cost of your order. As soon as you pay for it, your text will be edited by one of our editors after it is written by your writer.

How to know that my assignment is in progress?

The status of your order can be checked manually with the help of your account. As soon as the payment transaction is completed successfully, your assignment status will be altered to “new.” When the expert is assigned, the status will change to “Processing.” The status “Sent” means that your writing project is uploaded ort the system.

One more way of checking the status of your assignment, is using our VIP option “SMS notifications.” It allows you to be informed about any changes in your order status.

I reviewed my assignments’ schedule and realized I placed a wrong urgency. How to correct my mistake?

If you need to edit certain details before your writer started working on your order, then we can edit that information for you without the additional charges. However, compensation is required if you need to shorten the deadline. We will check the charge at our site, place a compensation order and forward the payment link to you. The moment your compensation order is verified (i.e. when the payment is made), we start working according to the renewed requirements.

One of your writers impressed me with their creative abilities and resourcefulness. I want to make this person responsible for all my subsequent orders.

You are lucky to have such an opportunity! There is a perfect option for clients who already know the scope of professionalism of certain experts, so that they can choose the best one even without our prior suggestions. Selecting your expert to produce works for you on a regular basis reveals the service called “Preferred Writer”. To prioritize this professional, you need to find their unique ID and add it as your constant writing assistant. Please note that this service requires paying additional 15% that will go to the mentioned writer ensuring the highest priority of your assignment.

What are the duties of Best-Custom-Essays.com?

We have an abundance of duties and not all of them are related to clients and fulfilling orders. However, the responsibilities directly related to our writing help are 24/7 support, impeccable creative work, editing and plagiarism checks, constant updates on the orders’ statuses, and on-time delivery of every paper.

Are there any papers of the increased sophistication you cannot complete?

We can complete all the scope of written compositions, from ordinary essays to complex dissertations. As long as our focus is on writing, it is difficult to imagine an assignment we cannot cope with, as our experts possess not only Bachelor and Master’s degrees, but also Ph.D. diplomas. However, it is reasonable to clarify the level of sophistication before placing an order.

I keep receiving an “authorization failure” message and cannot pay for my order.

If you encounter an error of authorization or payment, you should check the functionality of your device, browser, or look for the reason of the failure by addressing your payment processing company.

Why is my order form gray? The required information is not displayed.

The frequent error in this case lies in the large size or wrong format of your attached file(s). Please delete all attachments and submit your order. Additional files can be sent to us via email/Live Chat or uploaded to the “Files” section.

Why is your system asking me to pay again? My payment seemed to be successful.

Check whether the payment receipt was emailed to you. Ensure the Spam and Trash folders are checked too. In case no receipt is available, check your bank statement. If money for the order placed at our site was taken from your card, please send us a screenshot of the bank statement. If your money paid for the order was not withdrawn, then the transaction did not take place. We recommend using another browser/card/device or contacting your bank to check what might be wrong. On our part, we will forward your issue to the Financial Department responsible for all the monetary actions.

I have doubts whether my assignment is typical for your writing agency. I need to clarify whether you can do it.

All inquiries and clarifications can be sent to our official email. We will consider your request if you send us detailed instructions about the potential order. Our Writing Department will assess its level of complication.

If I request a refund, how long does it take to send my money back?

If your refund is fully justifiable, we will return your money within 3-5 business days after the request is approved. In this case, the work of your bank should be also taken into account.

I cooperated with a custom essay company that did not entail direct communication with writers. Do you offer such an opportunity?

Yes, unlike other companies, we want our communication to be as productive as possible. The successful completion of your order depends on it. To contact your writer directly, you should use the messaging system available in your personal account. If for some reasons you cannot access your account at that moment, you can email your request/clarifications to us and our support agents will convey your message to your expert.

Is there only one version of my final paper and where can I find it?

Yes, your personalized expert produces only one version of the assignment. The easiest way to access the finished paper is to be logged in to your profile. Go to: My orders – Completed orders – Order ID – and your project will be uploaded to the tab Files.

If you cannot find your work, please contact our support agents.

What is the last term to obtain my finished project?

We adhere to the deadlines our customers specify. If you forgot the exact time when your order must be due, please visit My orders – Processing orders – Click your paper ID – section Delivery (it shows the due date).

Can I ask my personal writer to buy the necessary book for the research?

No, buying study material is not our responsibility. As our policy states, the client must provide all the instructions and all the related files when placing a new order.

What should I do if my order fails to be submitted?

First step to try would be to refresh our website. If it does not help, the second step will be to clear your order form of all the excessive files. Large documents might not be accepted. You can send the order-related files to [email protected] or Live Chat.

I was asked about adding an additional page, as it will make my essay more detailed. Can I ask you to write more?

If you place an additional order with an extra page, we will be able to write more pages for you. You will be taken to our regular payment page once the order form is submitted. The previous order and a new order will be connected.

I realized my urgency for the paper was indicted incorrectly. How can I change the due date?

It can be easily changed if you are ready to compensate for the urgency. This difference can be trivial, but we cannot shorten deadlines without the corresponding payment.

I am puzzled regarding the type of my assignment. I cannot find it on your list.

Please send your instructions to our email or support agents via Live Chat and they will help you find the approximate section that corresponds to the demands of your order.

Academic plagiarism is severely punishable. I am worried that parts of my custom paper might be plagiarized.

You should not worry about getting even a partly plagiarized paper. Our great reputation is based on authenticity. Professionals who represent Best-Custom-Essays.com create unique papers individually for each client. Moreover, to prevent accidental plagiarism, we scan every assignment using an advanced plagiarism-checking tool, i.e. PlagiarismSearch. Pay attention that we do not use Turnitin since it tends to remember to save the checked files making it impossible to scan them twice.

What are your guarantees regarding clients’ discretion?

Privacy and quality are above all – that is our motto that contributes to our wonderful reputation. Clients all over the globe cherish our confidentiality rules. They know that it is easy to rely on Best-Custom-Essays.com, as client’s discretion is highly prioritized.

Timeliness is very important to me. Can you assure me of timely paper delivery?

Of course, we cannot let our clients down by breaching their deadlines. You just need to pick the respective time frame when placing your order and the assigned expert will consider it when working on your order.

What should I do if the price for my order is higher than I expected?

Although our prices are reasonable and stable, you can always turn to our support team and discuss your specific request concerning the cost of your order. Besides, we offer generous discounts to our clients. It is highly possible that you will get the one if you place your order at our site right now.

Can I address my writer when I have questions about certain paragraphs of my essay?

Yes, all the additional requests and comments can be addressed directly to the expert responsible for your work via our messaging system. If, for some reasons, you cannot contact your writer, then get in touch with our agents and they will tell you what to do next.

How to eradicate glitches in the order form?

Please check twice whether the files you are trying to attach are not too big. You can place your order without any attached files. As soon as your order is submitted, you will be able to attach the needed files via your account. You may also consult with our support team about the mater.

There is a one-hour online test I need to take, but I am afraid I am not well prepared. Can your expert help me?

We will be able to assist you in case a respective specialist is available. Before placing your order, contact our support team to find out whether there is a writer available to handle your online test.

I learned about your bonus credits and I want to receive a refund in the form of such bonuses.

You can request such an alternative option of compensation. Please address our Support team (via Live Chat) or Financial Department (email to [email protected]) for elucidations. When the refund takes place, i.e. once your request is processed and approved, your bonus credits will become visible in your account. Later, you will be able to use the bonus to buy your next paper.

When will I receive my writing project and how?

Your completed writing project will be uploaded to your personal area once the deadline specified in the order form expires. In addition, you will be emailed the notification of your assignment completion. Once you get it, you can log in to your account to get your order.

What to do if I cannot define the type of my project?

Please rely on our professionals to estimate your order requirements. If you send your instructions to us via email beforehand, we will be able to classify your assignment into the available category.

You promise outstanding quality, can you promise perfect grades? I need to improve my academic rating significantly.

For clear reasons, we cannot promise that even the most impeccable paper will land you the desired grade. We promise to do everything possible to produce an essay that deserves accolades. We would like to add that our specialists hold MA and PhD degrees in various fields of study. Moreover, our agency has been operating in the online writing industry for more than 20 years during which we have helped a large number of our customers. To ensure that our writers are experts in preparing top-notch content, check our “Samples” page.

I want to receive my order two days earlier. What should I undertake?

We have a special delivery policy that states that every paper is sent to the customer within the identified deadline. Shortening the deadline entails an additional fee to compensate the writer’s extra efforts. To change the due date, you have to place a compensation order. You can do it on your own or ask our support team for help.

Will a qualified expert work on my project?

Yes, only the specialist with the required qualifications and knowledge of your discipline will be able to take your order. Our professional qualities should not be doubted.

I need to make sure that my instructions are fully comprehensible. Can you provide recommendations before I place my order?

Indisputably. Contact us via Live Chat or send your instructions, files, and the necessary questions to [email protected], and we will answer whether your assignment can be completed.

Can I determine my assignment’s cost beforehand?

We can help you to calculate the price for your project or you can do it independently when scrutinizing our section Prices. The cost depends on urgency, academic level, and number of pages.

Can I request an alternative means of delivering the completed work?

Typically, all the projects are uploaded to our system. It is easy to download the paper from each individual account. However, if you want us to send the essay to you via email, please contact our Support representatives, highlighting your needs and reasons.

I composed a paper partially. I need it to be read and completed by your expert.

You are not mistaken when asking for such an opportunity. We can improve your written text as well as fill it with our innovative ideas. Please contact our Support Team to find out about the options regarding such orders. You will know how and where to place it, and what the writing process would encompass.

What is the best time to contact Best-Custom-Essays.com support team?

You can get in touch with us anytime, as our customer care agents work around the clock for the convenience of the clients from different time zones.

How urgent my order can be?

We recommend that you request urgency of no less than 3 hours. It will still guarantee a high quality of the customized work. You have to understand that we need some time to find the most suitable writer to generate your paper. All the questions regarding the deadlines are eagerly handled by our Support agents.

I found my preferred writer. Can I cooperate with this expert continually?

Yes, there is a special section that refers to Preferred Writers. You can choose the expert that completed your previous order and insert their ID in the respective field in the order form. You should also be aware of the small compensation for this service: every preferred specialist should be paid 15% more.

I obtained my project and I need certain paragraphs to be revised.

You always have a chance to request a free revision within two days after the order was produced. The revision is free if your primary instructions remain unaffected. New guidelines entail additional payment.

Is it possible to become an A+ student if I am your regular client?

Although your written compositions will improve significantly, we cannot guarantee that your professors will provide you with A+ grades. However, we do our job diligently. Your project will be unique, attention-grabbing, and fully authentic.

I am still worried about the percentage of plagiarism in my paper. Can I order an additional plagiarism detection?

Yes, to cast your worries away, you can order our amazing VIP Service – Plagiarism Detection. This option is not free of charge, but it will guarantee the originality of your ordered paper. By paying for the chosen VIP option, you will get your papers scanned by a powerful plagiarism detection checker, ThePlagiarism.com, which helps to determine the percentage of coincidences in your text (any paper, not only that ordered from us). You papers can be checked for plagiarism for free within a year.


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