What is meant by custom writing services?

The custom writing services offered by Best-Custom-Essays.com are wide-ranging and cover essay papers, research papers, term papers, reports, thesis, dissertations, and all types of coursework. With a custom-written paper you also get valuable information on different topics and specific paper-related guidance. Our writers always do extensive topic research and use your own particular style of writing for better quality results.

Is it acceptable to buy custom essays, research papers, dissertations, and other coursework?

It is entirely acceptable to buy custom papers from such provider as Best-Custom-Essays.com, provided you use the papers you buy as a guide for creating your own papers. Any papers you buy should not be submitted as your own work.

Who will write my essay, term paper, or research paper?

We have a team of highly-skilled writers who are professionally-qualified in their chosen disciplines. Rest assured that every writer employed by our company has a Bachelor or Master’s degree at minimum and some even have PhDs. Furthermore, our writing experts have access to the best online libraries and other resources, which enables them to deliver papers of superior quality. We understand that writers with such excellent qualifications and overall experience will not work for nothing, but the benefits of such high quality papers are indisputable.

What are the changes of plagiarism or copyright breaches?

You need not worry about this because we do not use the practice of copying/pasting. We discourage our writers from copying or skimping on research. This does not happen at Best-Custom-Essays.com. Moreover, we use very good plagiarism detection software to identify any cheating. We can even provide you with a complete plagiarism report alongside your order. Thus, you will see, every paper we send you is entirely genuine and authentic.

Is there an option for the customer to contact their writer directly?

Best-Custom-Essays.com offers its customers this option, and we give them the opportunity to ask any questions free-of-charge once they register on our website. You can contact your writer directly and communicate with them via your personal account. Therefore, if you want to clarify some issue concerning your order,  you are welcome to get in touch with your writer. If the writer does not answer your questions, you should not worry. Your specialist may be occupied gathering information about the subject. In this case,  you can leave your message for the support team. They will convey it to the Writing Department.

Do you offer live chat facilities where customers can talk to their writer?

At this moment in time we do not offer such a facility, unfortunately. The thing is that offer fully privacy to both our writers and customers, live chat is not possible but our messaging system is just as effective and was designed for your convenience.

What payment options are available?

At the present time, our company accepts most major credit and debit cards, such as American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Switch, and Visa, as well as PayPal.

How does your company charge the customer’s credit/debit card?

All credit cards will be charged by a service called Plimus.com.

How secure and safe are your company’s payment systems?

All online transactions are processed by Plimus.com – a reputable and trusted online payment processing service. All customers can feel assured that any personal details provided via our website will not be shared with any third parties.

Do your customers have assurances of delivering their papers punctually?

All completed papers are posted at the time specified by the customer on their order form. Furthermore, all customers are offered appropriate discounts for delayed orders, however it is a rare occurrence at Best-Custom-Essays.com. Our writers know that it is vital for customers to get their orders on time. That is why they work hard to complete each assignment according to the indicated time frame.

How are completed papers delivered to the customer?

Each completed paper can be either downloaded from our website (through customer’s personal account) or sent to clients via email.

What happens if a customer does not receive their paper?

We always provide our customers with their completed assignments on time. It is the chief priority of our company. However, if it happens that you will not receive your work, you should refer to our Money-Back Guarantee service (visit “Terms and Conditions”)!

What format are papers written in?

All papers, whether they are essays, reports, terms papers, or research papers, are created in whatever style you specify. For example, we will use APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, or any other style you request. Certain standards are applied to all papers e.g. each page will contain 300 words formatted in Times New Roman 12pt font, and with double spacing separating paragraphs. We use a one inch margin on all sides as standard.

What happens if a customer is not satisfied with the end product?

All customers are entitled to a free revision, which is undertaken by our revisions team. However, we only provide a revision for free when our writer(s) did not follow the customer’s instructions. If or when this happens you should contact our support team within two business days (48 hours) after the deadline of your order expired. Be sure to clearly state your instructions and the alterations you require. Remember that original order directions should be unchanged. Note that a revision period for revising 20+ page orders is 30 days after the due date expiry. Feel free to contact our 24×7 customer support team if you still have concerns or questions about this.

Why should a customer trust your writing service?

The Internet is full of dishonest providers and it can be difficult to know which companies are honest, reliable, and trustworthy. We realize that our company’s reputation depends on what our customers think about us. Feel free to look through the testimonials left by other customers. Each and every customer can trust Best-Custom-Essays.com to deliver the finest quality written work. Additionally, to ensure you will be offered the best service, do not hesitate to contact our support team on the number provided on the webpage.


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