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This essay examines the multimedia space in the face of the Netflix company. It aims to study this particular type of companies and search the evidences that could clearly define the similar characteristics with a learning organization. In addition, the paper analyzes the role of Reed Hastings, the head of the company, in its development […]

Antitrust Practices and Market Power

Telecommunications Companies The Justice Department began investigating whether large U.S. telecommunications companies, for instance AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc., were exploiting the market in 2009, majorly in order to affirm the role of the government in curbing monopolistic and anti-competitive tendencies by such powerful firms. The companies were investigated in order to find out […]

A Career Roadmap

Simply put, consumer psychology is a scientific field that aims to find out what drives consumers to buy and use certain goods and services. Today, it behooves every successful company to hire a specialist, who would be thoroughly enlightened on the issues of consumer psychology, so as to improve its products and marketing strategies, thereby […]

Taste of Class: Corporate & Private Catering Company

Executive Summary Since November 20, 2010, “Taste of Class” catering company from New York City is actively serving local private and business customers. It strives to distinguish from the rest by offering excellent services that surpassing the clients’ expectations. Years spend in food and beverages industry, hotel, restaurant, and catering services as well as finance […]

Extra Credit FSS

As in any market, before starting a hospitality business, its owner has to be fully aware of the requirements this particular sphere has. When running a company, there is always an opportunity to either profit or face losses. Both options are possible. However, even if a business has already shown some serious signs of defeat, […]