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Use of Plastic Shopping Bags

A. UTILITARIANISM Using your own words, define the expression Utilitarianism. From the case study provide an example to show your understanding of the expression utilitarianism (5 marks) Utilitarianism is an ethical ideology that considers the good of the society as the sum of happiness of individuals. The reason for morality is to promote the good […]

Creative Problem Solving: Global Ecological Crisis

Issue Description Nowadays, humanity is closing to the edge of irrecoverable climate changes caused by its industrial activity and resource consumption. The forests are cut down, oceans are polluted with oil and garbage, CO2 level is growing each year because of machines exhausts. We have forgotten about the fact that a man is not the […]

How can We Explain Gender Stratification

Over the years, all the research works on a topic of stratification have suffered from the particular blind attitude relating to the assigned role played by gender differences. However, gender on its own can be named one of the striking examples of general stratification concept. There is no society where women have influence, effects, and […]

Third Exam: Authoritarian and Totalitarian Systems

The main purpose of the paper is to study and analyze the issues of authoritarian and totalitarian systems through the observation of the example of ancient Greece and the way the issues are represented in the works of such theorists, as Arendt, Freud, and Sun Tzu, as a representative of Chinese theorists. It can be […]

Family Role

Family is the area where gender equality or, more precisely, gender disparities are the most acute, painful and often the hardest problems to deal with, at least, by law. The family is a complex social institution. Family relations are determined by the national culture, historic traditions, socioeconomic conditions, and some personal factors. The aim of […]