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Christianity, Power and Nature

Agrarianism as a philosophical concept points out that true reason for the current situation on the planet, including poor quality food, air polluted  with harmful emissions and diseases lies in the existing world view. First of all, the cult of material gains is one of the technocratic civilization priorities, and spiritual and moral principles are […]

Eliminating Poverty

Introduction Poverty remains one of the crucial problems of humanity. Many people in the world suffer from food and water shortage, while a small proportion of rich people lives in luxury and enjoys sophisticated achievements of modern science and technology (Abramsky, 2013). The discrimination on income principle becomes evident in many parts of the world. […]

Is Generation Me Really so Bad?

Hard data and statistics show that persons born between the 1980 and the year 2000 have propensities of self-regard than any other group. People born in previous years were more society-oriented than self-oriented as compared to the current generation. All the same, the trend towards self and individualization began long ago; it has just climaxed […]