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Baseball Influence on the Dominican’s Republic Culture

Baseball has a long history of being a globally recognized national Dominican sport for a number of solid reasons. Moreover, baseball is considered a true passion rather than an average physical exercising for a great number of Dominicans, and, therefore, nowadays, it significantly shapes the Dominican culture. This tremendous success of baseball in the Dominican […]

Contemporary Pop Culture

Every society, in any period of its history, has its own culture, which has a great effect on people and defines a direction in which humanity moves. In a modern society, people have contemporary pop culture that forms tastes and views of the present generation as well as reflects the current situation of it. The […]

The Politics of Place in Global Cities

Table of Contents Introduction The Importance of Berlin in the History of Immigration in Germany Differences between Assimilation and Integration Transnational Urban Space and Communities Related Free Society Essays Introduction Berlin, Germany’s largest city by population, has been a city of locals and immigrants for several centuries. Immigrants from various countries in the world have […]

The Problems and Perspectives of the Muslim Minorities

Table of Contents Introduction The Muslims’ Immigration & Integration Overview The French Muslims Overview The Ban of Face Covering and the Women’s Rights Conclusions Related Free Society Essays Introduction The overwhelming majority of people in the world have religious beliefs. In fact, religion plays such a crucial role in people’s lives that the right for […]

The Causes Of Gentrification In Inner-Urban Areas

Table of Contents Introduction Causes of Gentrification in Inner-Urban Areas Gentrification in Kansas City Gentrification in Chicago City Gentrification in Brussels Internationalization of the City’s Population Local State Intervention in Brussels Conclusion Related Free Society Essays Introduction The concept of gentrification always emerges in the discussion about urban inequality since it was coined in 1964 […]