How to Be Fashionable on a College Budget

How to Be Fashionable on a College Budget

Being a student, you wear lots of different ‘costumes’ every single day. These images come to the rescue when you are trying to impress someone (a professor during your oral presentation or your secret crush), go to your first-ever real job interview, or simply go to a class. Living in the dorm does not exclude the possibility to dress up. Are you ready to all these diverse situations? Have you chosen your wardrobe versatile enough, in such a way, that it did not cost you a fortune, and it does not need a whole closet to be kept in? If not, there is a way out. A fashionable compact wardrobe without taking a big loan is absolutely possible. So, let us start.

In Class

What do you like wearing when attending classes? Whoever you are, a boy or a girl, I can bet that you like a classic combination of comfortable jeans and a colorful sweater or a long-sleeved shirt. It would be a good idea to go to the stores like The Gap where you will definitely find some stylish, wearable clothing. The things there are diverse and trendy. In cold lecture halls, a mock neck sweater may be necessary. Get rid of your worn old backpack if you have such. I am sure you do. A book bag is much better in case you want to accessorize your look. In addition, choose comfortable shoes to come everywhere on time.

With Friends

Hanging out is an integral part of college life. Any time, you should be ready to slip into something both fashionable and comfortable:

  • for girls – a patterned shift dress,
  • for guys – a casual long-sleeved shirt (Henley’s are 100% in style) with jeans.

Impressing Your Professor or Even Your Future Boss

Sometimes one outfit can do a double duty. When you are doing your oral presentation in class, it can affect your teacher; in addition, the same apparel may help to pass through a job or internship interview. It allows you not to spend your money twice – on two sets of fashionable clothes instead of one basic (even classic) outfit.

  • Girls can look to the stores like the Chambray Dress, The Coach, and The Edie Shoulder Bag. The last two are especially useful for those, who like putting all their needed tools into a spacious handbag or just want to look professional with a well-made bag that has enough space for a tablet, notepads, books, and some other necessary stuff. These bags will definitely last for years.
  • For the first interview ever, guys usually need a button-down shirt and a pair of dark classic pants. An appropriate look is impossible if you do not thoroughly iron your shirt. When the weather is worse than you expected, try a combination of a button-down shirt with a nice sweater. If you can allow buying a watch, select a quality one. It is a worthy investment that can bring you to success.

You may try different combinations to create your own fashionable look. And it is never late to refresh your wardrobe!