School Uniform: Pros and Cons

School Uniform: Pros and Cons

School uniform is a controversial topic. Some people think that uniforms are obligatory while others will never agree with that. Why do people have different opinions? There are some indisputable arguments.

Why School Uniform Is a Bad Idea

Style. For school children, clothes are a means of self-expression. Maybe, not all of them but the majority would definitely agree that clothes allow them to make a positive impression about themselves. It is also a possibility to show that they are members of a certain group. School is the place where they spend a lot of time and can prove their worth. Every child has his or her own style. One type of clothes cannot be comfortable for everybody. For example, girls also like trousers but they are made to wear skirts. Sometimes, the uniform may not suit someone well and underline those aspects the person wants to hide.

Price. People often say that it is cheaper to buy school uniform. They think that having bought one suit, they can save much money on the clothes However, they do not take into account the fact that there are different kinds of uniforms for different occasions, and you should buy all of them at once. As a result, you may end up spending even more!

Nevertheless, there are people who strongly believe that school uniforms should be obligatory. Let us look at what they have to say to prove their point.

Why School Uniform Is a Good Idea

Performance. Children do not spend all of their time thinking about fashion tendencies and devote themselves to studying. As a result, they show better academic results.

Confidence. Our outlook has influence on our inner world. When you are wearing a nice uniform, you become more confident, as it gives you the feeling that you are doing something important but not just hanging out with friends.

Sense of belonging. There is a thought that the same school clothes develop the team spirit. Also, children from poorer families feel less resentful if they are wearing the same clothes as the better-off children.

No disputes. School uniform makes parents’ life easier. You will not discuss with your teenager that this skirt is too short or that T-shirt is too bright. Teachers’ life is easier too when students wear uniform. There are a lot of schools prohibitions connected with clothes which must be followed by everyone.

Expanses. It is cheaper to buy school uniform than to follow modern fashion. Also, a child will get more pleasure from buying new clothes for special occasions.

All things considered, there is some truth in each of these arguments. You may agree or disagree, but when there are rules, you must respect them.