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A Report on Asian American History Symposium

The exodus of Asians to America began in the late 1840s, at a time when there was a massive gold rush in the state of California. In the process of time, more Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos together with a small population of Koreans moved mostly to the West Coast and Hawaii of the America, too. […]

The Civil Rights Movement

“I Have a Dream”, the well-known speech of the black preacher and social rights activist Martin Luther King, is deservedly recognized as a masterpiece of oratory. On the day the speech was delivered, over 250,000 Americans headed to the memorial in Washington D.C., erected in honor of President Abraham Lincoln, the man who had abolished […]

Intolerable Acts as a Cause of Revolution

Table of Contents Introduction Causes of the American Revolutionary War Intolerable Acts of 1774 Related Free History Essays Introduction The American Revolutionary War refers to the military conflicts and clashes between the States of America and Great Britain which took place in 1775-1783. The revolutionary war has become a turning point in the history of […]