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Merton’s Strain Theory

Merton’s strain theory states that criminal activities occur when there is a gap between society’s shared goals and legal means of attaining them. In his theory, Merton pointed out that the most important goal of society is to achieve wealth (as cited in Einstadter & Henry, 2011). In order to receive it, there are numerous […]

Future Trends in International Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system is a corroboration of three significant departments, which are law enforcement, justice, and corrections. Additionally, factors that influenced crime in the past also impact the future trends of the criminal justice system. The factors include macro-economic factors, shift in demographics and criminal justice responses. While demographics and macro-economic factors are central […]

Three Strikes Law

California voters enacted the Three Strikes and You Are Out law in 1994. The enactment was as a response to a situation at that time that involved the tragic murder of Polly Klass and Kimber Reynolds. The enacted law approved the imposition of a life sentence to almost any crime, without taking into consideration the […]