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The US Environmental Law System Should Be Stricter

Table of Contents Introduction The Pros of Stricter Environmental Laws Conclusion Related Free Law Essays Introduction At the moment, the USA is a country, which possesses the strong environmental legislation and control. It is a predecessor of ecology because it was the first one to suffer from impertinence for nature. Within the 1960s and 1970s, […]

Criminal Law: Mens Rea and Actus Reus

Table of Contents 1. Introduction Discussion 2. Doctrines 2.1. Actus Reus Doctrines 2.2. Mens Rea Doctrines 3. Conclusion Related Free Law Essays 1. Introduction Distinguishing between actus reus (conduct/guilty act) and mens rea (intent/mental state) has been one of the most basic processes used by lawyers, judges, and other personnel in the legal field. In […]

Policy Analysis: Legislation of Medical Marijuana

Table of Contents Problem Analysis Inferring of the Issue Statement Policy Options and Alternatives with Comparisons Policy Conclusions and Recommendations for a Solution(s) Related Free Law Essays Problem Analysis The question of medical marijuana has been one of the most debatable recently. The problem of marijuana prohibition is that sick patients do not have legal […]

Voidable Contract

Table of Contents Duress Misrepresentation Mistake Case Study Related Free Law Essays The definitions of terms in the field of contract law are at times intriguing. The distinction between the various notions is often not clear to a significant proportion of people. The expression voidable contract is often confused with a void contract. According to […]

Immigration Issues

Table of Contents Introduction Rules Applying to Local Police on Immigration Matters The Immigration and Nationality Act Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act 1996 The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Personality Act 1996 The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution Reasons Why the Police Officers Object to the Move Lack of Training and Addition […]