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Essay Questions: Australian-Asian Relationships

Table of Contents Introduction Australia as Separate Part from Asia Conclusion Related Free Politics Essays Introduction Geographically, Australia lies close to Asia but it is a separate continent. It borders on the Indian subcontinent in the west, Pacific Ocean in the east, and China in the north. The boundary between Australia and Southeast Asia lies […]

The Rise of ISIS

ISIS is an acronym of Islamic States of Iraq and Syria. From the name itself, it is quite clear that the group has its roots in these two countries. As indicated in the abstract, it is true that ISIS is an affiliation of the Iraq group by the name of Al-Qaida which was run by […]

The Conflict between Israel and Palestine and Ways to Solve It

Table of Contents History of the Conflict The Current Situation Peace Developments, Different Perspectives, and Reasons for Failure Related Free Politics Essays The conflict between Palestine and Israel has been considered the most “intractable conflict” (Falk, 2005) in the world due to its challenging history and the lack of a solution which would satisfy all […]

The Effect of Globalization on State Sovereignty

Table of Contents Factors Contributing to the Impairment of State Power Conclusion Related Free Politics Essays Globalization is a subjective and ambiguous term that continues to attract divergent views on whether it is undermining state sovereignty or not. Critics have repeatedly downplayed its influence. They believe that geopolitics and states are undoubtedly potent forces and […]

The Background of Deng Xiaoping Southern Tour in 1992

The 1992 southern tour of Deng Xiaoping was a very significant event in Chinese politics. The tour was quite diverse, and its background is of paramount importance for better understanding of China and its own development at the end of the twentieth century. This essay is devoted to the analysis of the main purposes of […]