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To begin with, the terroristic attack of 11 September 2001 has become one of the most significant actions in the US’s history of struggle with terrorism in different parts of the world. The policies were approved by Congress a week later after the 11th September’s through the Authorization for the Use of Military Force project. Furthermore, this issue defied the following policies of the USA regarding the countries of the Middle East, where they proclaimed an international war on terrorism through the nation building and military intervention. It is now obvious that the policies of the government applied according to these countries, called the War on Terror have not brought the expected results since the moment of their application.

More by token, the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, rejects all the constant policies supported by the previous presidents such as Bush and Obama. The President is going to take very aggressive measures regarding plethora of terroristic organizations such as ISIS, which is his main goal. Moreover, he promised to destroy all of the expressions of Radical Islamic Terrorism and to punish terrorists for all their threats of the civil population. Besides, the President claimed that he did not approve the policies implemented before him and considers Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, the countries where democracy has not been built yet. As a result, the most modern strategies of the US will be developed in different ways focusing on permanent military struggle with terrorism considering previous failures and mistakes.

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Finally, the War on Terror cannot be defined through the common term of arm conflict, because the actions are very different and have even different points of view on their objectives. Moreover, the terms have diverse understanding of methods of war, because the War on Terror includes legal and illegal moral rules, various tortures, and assassinations. Unfortunately, a great number of people have suffered because of cruelty and violence of both of the combating sides, because of volumes of propaganda, which has negatively impact on the thoughts of myriad of personalities in the US. Furthermore, these methods of the USA have created a lot of prejudices against the representatives of the Islamic world and have damaged or even destroyed millions of human lives. 

Firstly, the events of the 11th September caused a great number of consequences, which influenced the US War on Terror. For example, already a week after the terroristic actions, Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) was approved by the Congress, which, in its turn, was the basis for further international laws’ violations (Fischer & Graves, 2011). Furthermore, the Resolution of the war in Iraq a year later allowed continuing plethora of assassinations and tortures. For instance, there were arrested hundreds of thousands of people since 2001 to 2011 while 83,000 were arrested in the first four years and more than 100,000 of them in Iraq (Fischer & Graves, 2011). Although most of them were innocent and some of them were released, the violations of international laws caused anti-American moods in these regions. The further consequences of the US’s actions in the country will be also observed in the next generations of citizens of the country, whose husbands, fathers, and grandfathers were taken by force. The main mistake of the War on Terror was described in Bush’s speech, where he said that he would not divide the terroristic organizations and countries, where they were located, and would destroy everything. Al Qaeda was hidden with the help of Taliban in Afghanistan, but, when the Coalition downfall the administration of Taliban in 2001, the war was replaced by counterinsurgency effort. It is said that the invasion to Iraq in March 2003 was not caused by Saddam Hussein’s regime, but the measures were taken as a response to the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 (Fischer & Graves, 2011). Furthermore, although there was no any connection observed between the activity of Al Qaeda and the Iraq’s government, Bush stated that it was the American community’s common decision.

It must be said that the destructive impact of the War on Terror is observed in Iraq even in the modern world. For example, one of the most important facts was the permanent location of American military forces in the capital of Iraq, Bagdad, which were represented by 120,000 of the US troopers (Rogers, 2009). Although the overall number of expressions of violation of human rights and deaths of myriads of people has been significantly reduced, there are still insecurity and violence in Iraq, and a lot of people are suffering from these issues. The most impressive fact of the war in Iraq is death of more than 100,000 of people, and approximately 200,000 were seriously injured or maimed until the end of their lives (Rogers, 2009). Furthermore, about 4 million of people were forced to leave their houses and move to other countries scattering all around the world (Rogers, 2009). As a result, the War on Terror in Iraq is one of the brightest examples of negative and destructive effects of inappropriate policies of the military forces.

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Secondly, the modern US authorities continue the War on Terror, but the main task of the administration of Donald Trump is to reconsider the strategies, which were applied before him. Unfortunately, it is obvious that all the attempts of the governments of the America before 2017 did not bring the desired results of struggle with terrorism in the whole world. Furthermore, Trump stated that policies of Bush and Obama were not aimed on the concrete target, and also added that the primary goal of his antiterrorist company will be the ISIS, which he considered as the most dangerous terroristic organization (Thrall & Goepner, 2017). More by token, the President said that the American society had not realized yet the danger of the ISIS and promised to destroy the radical Islamic terrorism. Although he supports the strategies of the country regarding terrorism, he claims that in the situations with Iraq and Afghanistan, the USA did not use the correct policy regarding the states’ civil population. The failures of the previous campaigns can be easily seen through the inflated consideration of terroristic threats for the USA, which caused the actions not connected with terroristic attack’s prevention (Thrall & Goepner, 2017). Moreover, the incorrect understanding of terrorism led directly to the military invasion, suffering of great number of people and violation of international laws on humanism.

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Additionally, the estimations of the recent researches have proven the incorrectness of the actions of the US authorities. Firstly, there have been created a lot of anti-American moods in different parts of the world because of irrelevant actions and permanent increase of military force of the country (Thrall & Goepner, 2017). Secondly, the threats of terrorism in the USA are too little to apply such serious measures far from the broads of the nation. Finally, the expenditures of the country for the fight with terrorism are too high considering the two points above. As a result, the War on Terror should continue until the complete elimination of it from the planet, but the US government should change its strategies regarding the states, where terrorism is found.

Thirdly, the methods and character of war were changed during the application of the War on Terror. Before the invasion there was a particular distinction between combats and civil population of the country such as use of military uniform. As a result, all of the civilians could suffer only if they were in the region of war and were damaged unconsciously (Allhoff, 2008). The wars were held between the military forces, while civilians were eliminated from the region beforehand. Although there were a lot of contrary facts during the humanity’s history, observed such quantities of total destruction of civil population were never observed (Allhoff, 2008). The War on Terrorism stands in contrast with traditional wars, because it is aimed on the citizens of particular country. As a result, a great number of people suffered because of military events in Afghanistan and Iraq, which were caused by terrorists as well as by the US militaries, who could not distinguish between civilians and combats. Finally, the War on Terror raised a lot of ethical questions regarding the attitude to the society of the country, where the terrorists are located.

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In conclusion, the US War on Terror is one of the most interesting and enthralling topics connected with international relations and political science. It is one of the most actual problems of the modern society of the United States, which influence thoughts and points of views of a great number of Americans. The war was caused by terroristic attack of 11 September 2001, and its main objectives was to destroy terrorism all around the world building radical nations’ humanitarian thinking through military invasion.

Unfortunately, the methods have not reached their aims for the last 15 years, which is highlighted by the latest speeches and proclaims of Donald Trump. He does not consider the policies of the previous presidents as adequate ones and is going to destroy the most dangerous terroristic organization on the planet, ISIS. More by token, the Presidents wants to apply the negative experience of previous failures to the current strategies aimed on establishment of democracy through various military methods.

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The war differs from traditional methods of invasion conflicts, because it approves a wide variety of cruel methods of leading the war and the use of legal strategies of combating as well as illegal ones. More by token, a great number of innocent people have suffered from assassinations and tortures, which destroyed their lives. Additionally, the War on Terror negatively impacted on the attitude of the Americans to the Middle East. As a result, the government should consider all the possible ways to fix the previous mistakes and to achieve peace on the Earth.