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Entry Notes

You are reading the Terms and Conditions that will govern and guide our cooperation with you. By using our Website and services at Best-Custom-Essays.com, you are agreeing to these terms, which is similar to signing a contract with us. Please, take a moment to read these Terms and Conditions carefully.

Who We Are

We are a legal entity Writology Limited, registered at 1-3 Boumpoulinas, Bouboulina Building, Office 42, Nicosia, Cyprus 1060. We operate the Website, Best-Custom-Essays.com, that offers writing services and assistance primarily to students.

We offer writing services tailored for students and other individuals requiring writing assistance, which include help with essays, assignments, and other writing tasks and projects. Thus, we provide support for your studies; however, we do not take your place in the learning process.

Accepting the Terms

If you decide to use our services, it means you accept all the terms we have set out in these Terms. If you do not agree with any part of these Terms, then you have to stop browsing the Website and using our Services, as these Terms are a must to protect both you and us.

Changes to the Terms

From time to time, we might need to review and change these Terms. We commit to inform you when we do so, but we also advise you to check this page occasionally to make sure you are updated on all conditions and nuances of our cooperation.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these T&C, you can always reach out to us using the contact information provided at the end of this document.

By using our Services, you confirm that you are legally allowed to enter into contracts. Generally, this means you need to be at least 18 years old or have permission from your parents or guardians if you are younger. Under the GDPR requirements, we cannot provide our services to anyone under the age of 16.

Remember, these Terms and Conditions apply to you as soon as you use our Website, register an account, or place an order. Understanding these T&C is crucial to efficient and mutually-beneficial cooperation!

Terms and Definitions

Website” – This term refers to all pages you can find on the website Best-Custom-Essays.com and its subpages. It is the place on the internet where you can find and order our services that are available for you.

Services” – Whenever we talk about “Services,” we mean all the different kinds of written work and assistance we provide for you. This includes essays, research papers, dissertations, theses, articles, and any other types of written projects you might need help with.

Terms & Conditions“, also referred to as “Terms” or “T&C”, are not just the rules for using our Website. They also include important policies, including but not limited to our Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Revision Policy, Fair Use Policy, and Plagiarism-Free Guarantee.

We,” “Us,” “Ours” refer to Online Writing and Services sp. z.o.o., our official company name. We are legally established under the laws of Cyprus, and you can find us at our registered office at 1-3 Boumpoulinas, Bouboulina Building, Office 42, Nicosia, Cyprus 1060.

User,” “You,” “Client“, “Customer” – That is you, or anyone browsing the Website! Whether you are just one person seeking writing assistance, or representing a company, if you have registered on our Website and agreed to these Terms, or if you are placing orders, uploading documents, or making payments on our site, this term refers to you.

Writer” – This is someone who works with us, usually on a freelance basis, to provide you with research and writing services and assistance, following the agreement they have with us.

Account” – This is your personal space on our Website that others cannot see or access. You can log into this private zone using your username and password, which you will create while signing up.

Order” – This is a formal request from you asking us to provide a paid service, e.g. writing something specific. When you place an Order, you will provide us instructions on what exactly you need, including all the details about the work you want us to do, and set the time frames for receiving the Product.

Product” – After we finish an Order, the final piece that we give you is what we call a “Product.” It is the original content that we have created based on your request and delivered to you in a digital format.

User Account and Registration

Getting Started

To use our Services, you will need to register an account on our Website. This is a simple process where you will need to provide some basic personal information about yourself. That will include your name, e-mail, phone number, and time-zone so that we could contact you in case of an emergency or additional urgent requests.

Keeping Your Information Safe

You are responsible for keeping your account details, such as your username and password, safe and confidential. If you think someone else gets to know your login details, let us know, and we will help you secure your account.

Your Responsibilities

When you sign up with us, you are making a promise that all the information you provide is true and accurate, and you are not pretending to be someone else. You are also agreeing to not use our Services in an unacceptable way or with the purpose of cheating.

Stay Updated

Life changes, and so might your details. If anything changes (e.g. your email address), please update that information in your account so we can keep in touch and ensure everything smooth cooperation and communication.

Closing Your Account

If you ever want to stop using our Services and close your account, you can do that at any time. To delete your account, please contact our support team, and they will handle the process as soon as possible, though it might take up to one month.

Remember, keeping your account safe and up-to-date is your responsibility, and we will do our part to provide you with the best writing support we can offer.

Services Description

What We Offer

We aim to provide assistance with your writing needs, regardless whether it is an essay, a research paper, or any other type of writing. Our services are designed to offer guidance and support, helping you to learn and achieve your writing goals.

How It Works

Here is how our service operates: You tell us what you need help with, give us all the details of your assignment, and choose how quickly you need it done. We will then match you with a qualified writer who will scrupulously work to deliver an outstanding piece of writing to you. The work process is described in detail further in these Terms.

Boundaries of Help

Just to be clear, our service is meant to support your learning, not to cheat the system. That means we provide examples, sample papers, and assistance to help you understand your topic better. Our operations resemble tutoring — we show you how it is done, but it is up to you to do the actual work.

Changes to Your Order

If you need to make changes to your order or add instructions, you can do so before your order is assigned to a writer (or within the first 10-15% of the order deadline). Once a writer starts working, changes are possible at an additional charge only (the type of service will be either rewriting or brand new writing, depending on the scope of changes). You can adjust order urgency (extend it), provide additional instructions and materials, change the order style, length, etc., only before a writer is assigned (or during the initial writing stages, when no more than 10-15% of the order deadline expires). Early delivery of your order can be provided only after our Support Team recalculates the price of your order and compensation is provided.

The Final Product

When your order is ready, we will let you know about that. You will be able to download it from your account. We aim for your satisfaction with every piece we deliver, but if the final product does not quite meet your expectations, you can ask for revisions according to our revision policy as outlined in these Terms.

Originality Guarantee

We promise that everything we provide will be original and written from scratch just for you. No copying, no cheating, no nonsense. We take this very seriously, as your teachers and professors do.

Remember, our service is designed to be a helping hand through your studies. We are here to guide, teach, and support you in becoming a better writer and a more successful student.

Payment Terms

Cost of Services

We believe in transparency when it comes to costs. Before you confirm your order, you will see the exact price and how much you will pay with no hidden fees and no surprises. Our prices are primarily based on the type of work you need, the deadline, and the length of the work. The final price will also reflect all charges of additional service options you want to take advantage of and add while placing your order.

How to Pay

You can pay for our services using several convenient methods. We accept major credit cards and other online payment options. Rest assured, all transactions are secure and encrypted – your financial information is safe with us.

VIP Account and Subscription Services

One of our subscription services is VIP account which offers our clients additional perks and benefits that are applied to all orders during their subscription period. VIP subscription is based on one time payment for a certain period, from 1 to 12 months. For more information visit this page.

You can stop your subscription at any time, and you can freely decide not to prolong your VIP account. You will be entitled to the services offered in your subscription until the end of the subscription period for which you have paid.

If we offer any services or subscriptions based on recurring payment options, we will spell out how that works. This will include the exact amount of the charge, how often you will be charged, how to cancel your subscription if you need to, and any other details about the subscription.

Refunds and Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our work, but if something goes wrong and it is our fault, we have a refund policy in place. The details of how you can request a refund, and in what circumstances, are clearly laid out in our Refund Policy.


It is customary for our Financial Department to ask clients to verify their identity with a view to limiting fraudulent behavior. If a client fails to reply to such requests, or is late with a reply, the countdown towards the order’s deadline starts as soon as the necessary documents (a payment receipt) are received. In such situations, the client should extend the deadline for the order because of the late verification or place an additional compensatory order if the work has to be done urgently.

Late Payments

We provide our Services on the upfront payment basis. We cannot assign a Writer to your order without receiving your payment. The sooner you pay for the service, the sooner your order gets assigned to a Writer. Thus, in order to receive timely services from us, it is your responsibility to make timely payments.

Price Changes

We might need to change our prices now and then, but we will inform you about any changes before they happen. No changes will affect orders that you have already placed and which are being processed.

Remember, your payment not only covers the work of our professional writers but also helps to keep our Website running smoothly so we can continue to provide top-notch services.

Work Process

Placing an Order

To place an order, go to the Order Now page and provide all necessary information for order completion. Indicate the topic, subject, type of service, type of assignment, length, and deadline. Fill in all other fields as necessary depending on the nature of your task. Remember, it is crucial that you provide us with clear instructions and all necessary materials right from the start or when we ask for them. Providing more details from the start will result in a more customized work at the end.

On the stage of filling the order form, you may choose to take advantage of additional offers, such as extended revision period, urgent writer assign, VIP services, etc. See the Order form in full to learn which additional perks you may benefit from.

You can request an “extended revision” period during the writing stage. Once the order is completed, you cannot prolong a paid revision period of the order. In case you need revision in your completed order, you should place a new order choosing “Revision” type of service instead of “Custom writing”. In such a case, we will revise your completed order that requires amendments.

After filling the order form, proceed to paying for the order. Once your payment is verified and received, the writing process will start by looking for and assigning the most suitable writer to your order.

Determining the Length

We do not count pages visually, but by the number of words per page. Our standard full page comprises 300 words of the written text. For assignments of a technical nature, however, where a lot of calculations are required, this rule does not apply. The price of the order will be calculated on the complexity of the assignment. Our Support Team may contact you for compensation based on the order complexity.

Tables, charts, and diagrams are not a part of the word count and should be added at an extra charge. You must indicate whether you need any of these elements in your work in the order form.

For Presentation assignments (PowerPoint), the length is counted by the number of slides needed. Slides may vary in length of text (usually 4-6 bullet points per slide) and contain visuals. However, we provide a textual accompaniment of 100-150 words to the slides in the speaker notes, which are paid additionally.

The length of online tests is calculated according to the number of questions (with each page comprising 5 questions). “Multiple choice” assignments are subject to the exact same rule. Hence, if a client has an assignment of 15 questions, they should place an order for three pages.

Type of Service and Type of Assignment

We require customers to precisely indicate which type of service they need (custom writing, rewriting, editing, proofreading, revision, formatting, etc.). This is crucial for providing the exact service you want. For example, if you indicate that you need rewriting, we will rephrase the document you provide without adding any new content, which is a custom writing type of service that should be paid additionally.

We encourage our clients to correctly indicate the type of assignment so that we could follow writing standards for that specific task. If any disputes arise in regard to receiving a work that does not meet your expectations while indicating the wrong type of assignment, such disputes can be refused a positive outcome.

Delivery of the Final Product

Your order is considered delivered once the deadline expires and the final product is available for download in your account. If you, for any reason, cannot download it from your account, you can ask us to forward the file to your email.

If you need your order to be delivered earlier than stipulated by the deadline you provided when placing the order, you can request an early delivery option. However, you will be required to compensate for the difference in the urgency.

In the event of late delivery on our part without prior agreement with the customer or without deadline extension being granted, we may offer a partial refund for the inconvenience. The price will be recalculated as per the prices published on the Website.


We strongly encourage our customers to maintain contact with their assigned writer in the process of order completion. Timely communication is a crucial factor in providing efficient service and developing the work that meets expectations. Thus, regularly check your email and messages in your account on our website. Our writers or administrators might need to contact you, especially if there were any missing materials when you submitted your order.

You can communicate with your writer via a messaging system on our website, which is available in your account. Messages are linked to orders, so you need to make sure you use the correct order to send your requests regarding a particular assignment.

We care for your privacy and never share your personal information with our writers or any third party. All data is kept strictly confidential. Please do not disclose your personal details to the writers directly. All sensitive information is to be provided via our Support Team. You bear full responsibility for the consequences of breaking the Terms of our services and revealing your information.

Requesting Revisions

Standard Revision Period

For standard orders (1-19 pages in length), we offer free revisions for up to 48 hours (2 days) after your deadline has passed. If you need revisions after this period, we will require an additional order as compensation. Please note that once our writer agrees to do any revisions for free after a free revision period expires, we cannot offer a further refund.

A client may choose an extended revision period of 4 or 14 days while placing an order. Extended revision period option can be added to the order at an additional cost only.

Extended Revision Period for Large Assignments

For larger assignments (like those over 20 pages), we offer a longer free revision period of up to 30 days after your deadline. Also, longer revision periods of 2-3 months are available when you choose to add “Extended revision” at an additional cost while placing your order.

Conditions for Free Revisions

We will be happy to amend your work for free, provided the original instructions stay the same. If you change your instructions or did not provide essential materials while placing the order or during the writing process when only 10-15% of the deadline has passed or before a writer is assigned, we might need to ask for an additional compensation order.

How to Request a Revision

When you ask for a free revision, please give us a new deadline and detailed instructions on what needs to be changed. We will do our best to make the changes quickly, but sometimes complex instructions or specific order needs may extend the revision time up to 24 hours. We are committed to getting your revised order back to you by your new deadline.

Extended Revision Options

If you desire to safeguard more time for changes at lower cost to you, you can opt for our “Extended Revision” service while placing your order. For an additional 17% of your order price, this service extends your free revision period from 48 hours to 14 days. You can also choose our 4-day Extended Revision VIP service for even more flexibility. Please note that revision requests should stick to the original instructions without any changes. If you end up not needing a revision and you have chosen the “Extended Revision” option, the extra 17% fee is non-refundable.

Intellectual Property Rights

Content We Provide

Everything we create for you is original and made just for you. Once you receive the final product and we have been fully compensated, the work we have done becomes your property. However, remember that this work is intended for personal educational use and guidance.

Your Work and Contributions

If you send us anything – documents or information to help with your writing request – you are promising us that it is yours to share and that sharing those does not violate anyone else’s rights. Plus, you are giving us the permission to use those materials to fulfill your order.

No Copying Allowed

We are handing over our work to you, but this does not mean you can share it with others for their use or claim it as your own work in academic or professional settings. The final product you receive from us is meant to guide you, not to be passed off as anyone else’s work. For more details on appropriate expected use of our Products, read our Fair Use Policy.

Respect Others’ Work

Just as we create original content for you, we expect you to respect the intellectual property of others. No plagiarizing or using unauthorized content when you use our services.

Let Us Know About Issues

If you believe any content on our Website or in your orders violates your intellectual property rights, please get in touch with us. We respect ownership and will address your concerns promptly.

Remember, our service is all about creating a learning experience. The intellectual property rights we discuss here help ensure that everyone’s creative work is respected and protected.

User Obligations and Conduct

Your Obligations

When you use our Services, we expect you to play by the rules. That means you will use our Services and the content we provide the right way – as a helping hand in your studies and not as a shortcut to academic honesty.


To keep it simple: use our services for legal, non-fraudulent, and responsible purposes only. Do not use our service to cheat on your homework or exams – that is not what we aim for. By no means you can use our services to break any laws or regulations, which implies you cannot use our service if it is illegal in your area.

Stay Civil

We aim to support you during your academic journey, so please be respectful and do not use our services to do anything harmful or offensive. That means no spreading viruses, no bullying, and no engaging in hate speech or harassment.

Usage of Our Website and Services

Our website and the services provided are intended exclusively for your personal and non-commercial use. As such, users are prohibited from engaging in any form of unauthorized access or interference with our system. This includes, but is not limited to, attempts to hack or disrupt our servers and utilizing our services for purposes other than those for which they are explicitly designed. We enforce strict adherence to this policy to ensure the security and integrity of our services.

Follow Our Policies

We have got other policies in place, including our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Refund Policy, and Fair Use Policy, and they are part of this agreement, too. Make sure you read and follow them as well.

Remember, your use of our service is a trust, which we take seriously. Keeping up your end of the bargain helps us keep our services running smoothly for you and all our users.

Data Protection and Privacy

Your Privacy Matters

We take your privacy seriously. We always handle your personal information with care and in line with the law. Our Privacy Policy has all the details, but here is the gist of how we protect your data.

What We Collect and Why

We only collect the information we really need to give you the best service possible. This includes your name, email, phone number, and details about your study needs. We use this information to manage your account, to get in touch with you, and to make sure we are delivering what you asked for.

Your Rights Over Your Data

You have certain rights when it comes to your personal information. You can ask us what information we have, you can ask us to change it, or even to delete it (as long as we do not need to keep it for legal reasons). For any of those actions, contact us right away when you want us to act on them.

Keeping Your Data Safe

We have got strong safeguarding measures in place to keep your personal information out of the wrong hands. We will also make sure it is not kept for longer than necessary.

Cookies and Tracking

We do use cookies – little bits of data that help make our website work better for you. Our Cookie Policy explains this in more detail, including how you can control what cookies we use.

Sharing Your Data

We will not sell your personal information to anyone, ever. If we need to share your data with anyone (e.g., the writer working on your order), we will do that solely upon your consent and we will make sure they respect your privacy just as much as we do.

Remember, your personal data is only yours. We are committed to keeping it that way, using it responsibly, and giving you control over it.


Protecting Your Secrets

Your secrets are safe with us. When you share information, whether it is personal details or your latest assignment, we treat it as strictly confidential. We will not disclose any information about your orders and cooperation with us to anyone who is not supposed to know that.

How We Guard Your Information

We use a mix of physical, electronic, and managerial processes to secure your information and make sure it stays confidential and safe. Our team knows that they are only supposed to use your details to help you with your writing needs – nothing more.

Your Role in Keeping Information Confidential

You also play a part in keeping your information safe. Keep your login credentials private, think twice before sharing sensitive information, and let us know immediately if you suspect any unauthorized use of your account.

What Happens If Confidentiality Is Breached

If confidentiality is compromised, we will act fast. We will investigate, plug any security holes, and, if needed, let you know what steps you can take to secure your end of things.

Remember, confidentiality is a two-way street, and we are committed to keeping our lane secure. Help us by doing the same on your end, and together we will keep your information just between us.

Disclaimer of Warranties

“As Is” Services

We provide our writing help services as they are – “As Is”. That means we are giving you access to our services without any promises or guarantees that are not stated in these Terms. We do our best to ensure our service is top-notch, but we cannot promise that everything will be perfect or suit every individual need.

No Endorsement

When we provide work, we do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement, or other information displayed, uploaded, or distributed through our service. You acknowledge that any reliance on such materials will be at your own risk.

Our Limitations

We are humans and sometimes we make mistakes. We cannot guarantee our services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free, or that the results obtained will be accurate to the expectations of others. We cannot be liable if you fail to upload or download any files or materials due to unstable internet connection or other technical issues and reasons. You use our services at your own risk.

Updates and Maintenance

We might need to perform scheduled or unscheduled repairs, maintenance, or introduce new features. While we will do everything we can to minimize any interruptions to our service, we cannot ensure that it will be available 100% of the time.

Remember, we are offering a service based on our current capabilities, and while we aim for the best, we cannot foresee every circumstance or cater to every specific need.

Limitation of Liability

Understanding Our Limits

We aim to support you, but there are limits to what we can be held responsible for. We will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages, or any loss of profits or revenues, whether incurred directly or indirectly, or any loss of data, use, goodwill, or other intangible losses.

Cap on Liability

In simpler terms, if something goes wrong, our liability to you – if any – will not exceed the amount you have paid us for the service that is at issue within the last six months. This cap is in place to ensure that we can continue to offer our services to you and others.


Of course, some laws might not allow certain limitations or exclusions of liability, so the above might not apply to you. In such cases, we will be limited to the extent permitted by law.

We are dedicated to providing a quality service, but it is important to understand that our liability is limited. We believe this is a fair balance that allows us to offer you services while protecting our ability to continue our work.

Remember, while we do our utmost to ensure your satisfaction, we need to have provisions like this in place to keep our service viable and available for all our users.

Modifications to the Service and Prices

Changes to Our Services

We are always working to improve our services, which means from time to time, we may add, change, or remove features. We hope each change will make your experience with us better, but we will let you know when significant changes are happening.

Adjusting Our Prices

The prices for our services can change as well. We are not into surprises when it comes to fees, so we will always inform you beforehand if the price of our services is going to change. Any price changes will not affect orders that have already been placed.

Why We Might Implement Changes

We may change our services and prices to reflect adjustments in the market, to add new features, for promotions, or to adapt to technological advancements. It is all part of keeping our service up-to-date and competitive.

Your Acceptance

If you keep using our services after changes have been made, we will take it as your consent to and approval of these changes. If you do not agree with the new terms, that is your right – you may choose to discontinue using our Services and terminate your cooperation with us.

Remember, change is a part of growth, and we are committed to evolving in ways that support your success and satisfaction with our services.


Closing Your Account

We value our relationship, but sometimes things come to an end. If you want to close your account, you can do so. We will explain the procedure and ensure all your data is handled correctly.

Ending Our Service to You

On our side, we may need to suspend or end our service to you if you fail to comply with our rules and policies, do not pay your bills, or cause harm to our service or other users. We do not take these decisions lightly, but sometimes they are necessary.

Suspension Notice and Further Steps

If we are forced to stop our cooperation with you, we will let you know in advance and explain why. We will also guide you through what you need to do and what will happen with any orders you have already placed.

What Happens After Termination

Once your account is closed, you will not have access to it anymore. Any terms that by their nature should survive termination will remain in effect, such as our rights to use your feedback and the sections about liability and dispute resolution.

Remember, termination is a serious step for both you and us. We are committed to providing a fair process and clear communication if it ever comes to this.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The Laws that Apply to Our Terms

Our relationship with you is contract-based, and it needs a solid foundation. Since Writology Limited is registered in Cyprus, the foundation of our operations is built on the laws of Cyprus that are in line with generally accepted international legislation. These laws will govern these Terms and Conditions and any disputes that might come up between us—no matter where you are from or where you reside.

Where Disputes Get Resolved

If a disagreement ever arises and we cannot sort it out between us, then we agree to take it to the courts of Cyprus. This is the place where any legal action related to our services must be started and sorted out.

International Use

We know the internet is global, so if you are using our services from outside Cyprus, you need to know that you are agreeing to follow the local laws where you are located, and also that you will be subject to the laws where our service is based.

Prohibited Jurisdictions

If you are trying to use our services from Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, you should abandon your attempts as we cannot provide our services to these regions  due to international sanctions.

If you are accessing our website and services from Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, you should stop that use since your actions will be considered illegal within the scope of local legislature.

You are responsible to check whether your local laws allow using writing services and writing assistance online.

Since the list of prohibited jurisdictions is subject to change, Terms and Conditions for Best-Custom-Essays.com as well as the conditions for using our services may also change in line.

Dispute Resolution

Working Out Our Differences

Misunderstandings may happen. If we are in a disagreement, we both agree to first try to resolve it informally. This means we will discuss the issue, exchange emails, or have a call to resolve it without involving the courts.

Mediation and Arbitration

If talking does not work, we might move to mediation or arbitration. That is a way to settle disputes without going to court, and it is usually quicker and less formal. We will try this route before getting judges involved.

Timeframe for Claims

If you think you have a reason to bring a claim against us, we would like you to do it sooner rather than later. Let’s agree that you will inform us about your claim within six months of it happening. If not, you agree that you have waited too long.

No Class Actions

We both agree to resolve disputes on an individual basis. That means no class actions or claiming as a group. It is just you and us, resolving the dispute one-on-one.

Remember, we are in this together, and we believe that any disputes can be resolved through open communication and a genuine desire to reach a fair outcome.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Keeping Our Terms Up-to-Date

As our service evolves, we will sometimes need to update these Terms and Conditions to make sure they work for the purpose they have been developed for. All such actions and updates are all about making sure everything works properly.

Informing About Changes

If there are any changes to these Terms, we will announce it. We will post the new version on our Website and send you a message. We will also make it clear when the new Terms take effect.

Your Agreement to Changes

If you continue using our Services after the new terms are in action, it means you agree to all the changes. If you do not agree with the new Terms, then you will need to stop browsing the Website and using our Services.

Documenting Changes

For your peace of mind, we will keep an archive of past Terms on our site. That way, you can see what has changed over time.

Remember, staying informed about these Terms is part of using the service and your responsibility to stay updated and informed. We promise to keep you updated about any changes we make.


Communication Methods

We may need to send you important messages from time to time, and we will use the contact information you provided to do this. It is important that you read these messages because they might be about changes to the Services or Terms. In case of urgent need regarding your orders, our Support Team may call you.

Assignment of Rights and Obligations

Our rights and obligations under these Terms are ours alone and we will not transfer them to anyone else without getting your consent first. The same goes for you – your rights and obligations belong to you and cannot be passed on without our consent.


If any part of these Terms turns out not to be enforceable or valid, the rest of the Terms will still be in effect.

Entire Agreement

These Terms, along with any policies they refer to, make up the entire agreement between us – you and Best-Custom-Essays.com. They replace any previous agreements we might have had.

Contact Information

Getting in Touch

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to learn more about our service, we are available for you. You can reach us through the following ways:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1(888) 302-2864

Postal Mail: Writology Limited, 1-3 Boumpoulinas, Bouboulina Building, Office 42, Nicosia, Cyprus 1060.

We are committed to providing excellent service, so we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

Feedback and Suggestions

We are always looking to improve our services and your user experience with us, and your feedback is valuable to us. If you have got suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us. We cannot promise to implement everything, but we will certainly consider your ideas.

Remember, communication is key to a great service, and we are all ears when it comes to hearing from you.

Effective Date

When These Terms Apply

These Terms and Conditions are in effect as of November 1, 2023. That is the date they start, and they will apply to you from the moment you begin using our Services, whether that is browsing our site, registering an account, or placing an order.

Staying Informed on the Latest Version

We advise you to check back this page once in a while. We will keep the current version of the Terms and Conditions posted with the date they went into effect, so you will always know whether anything has changed.

Remember, by using our Services from November 1, 2023 onwards, you are agreeing to the latest version of these Terms.

Closing Remarks

Thank You for Choosing Best-Custom-Essays.com!

We are thrilled to have you with us. It is our primary goal to provide you with the best writing assistance possible while ensuring a clear and fair working relationship. These Terms are here to make sure that happens.

Your Acknowledgment

By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. We know it is a lot of legal language, but it is important to protect both you and us as we go about improving your writing skills.

Here is to a Great Experience!

We are excited to be a part of your success and we look forward to working with you. If you have any questions about these Terms or anything else, remember that we are always open to communication and will eagerly respond to all your queries.


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