How to Create a Strong Outline of an Essay

How to Create a Strong Outline of an Essay

A good outline can make the process of writing easier and faster. Developing an outline makes your writing more efficient. Creating such kind of a plan is the important part of essay writing. You can save a lot of time if you learn how to develop a good essay outline.

So, what does “essay outline” mean? It is a number of items that you want to include in your paper. You do not need to include them all because they are just a framework for your future work. Use the list of these items to set the information in order on purpose to support your thesis statement. Sometimes developing an outline is boring. I am sure that you feel so always when you start working. Follow the tips below and get prepared for creating a perfect outline.

Every kind of essay has three major components: the begging, the main part, and the ending. To get prepared for the beginning, you should specify the thesis statement and several the most significant arguments. Also, you should raise the level of your readers’ curiosity and attention. The outline of the main part should have the backing of your thesis statement.

Useful Points for Organizing Essay Writing:

  • Note the main points you are going to talk about;
  • find appropriate examples that explain your viewpoint in a clear manner;
  • collect necessary data that prove your viewpoint: facts, figures, and quotations;
  • include the ending to the outline; it should make connections between your arguments and prove the thesis statement;
  • use transition phrases to make your outline well-organized.

Lots of students do not develop an outline for essay writing. They start writing without these unnecessary (to their mind) details. However, there are benefits of creating an essay outline. It helps not only organize the thoughts but also develop the whole essay from them. It is easier to write an essay using an outline.


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When you create an essay outline, you have an opportunity to find the gaps in the research. Also, you can identify the supporting arguments and use them in the original essay. Moreover, in case of developing an outline, you have enough time to fix the imperfections.

A strong essay outline can take the stress and nervousness away. It is more comfortable when you know what you should write in the original essay. Actually, you can show the outline to your professor and get the useful suggestions about changes you should make to write a perfect essay.

Writing an essay outline is not so difficult if only you start working. Sort the data you want to use in your essay and identify the most important. Find a good thesis statement and arguments on its support. Cover the major parts of the structure in the essay outline: the beginning, the body, and the ending. It will help you to see the whole picture of your future essay. Develop an outstanding essay outline!