How to Spend Summer Productively

How to Spend Summer Productively

As a college student, you can spend your summer productively not only by getting a summer job. Want to know the ways of effective pastime? Continue reading!

Read a lot

Of course, you did a ton of reading during the study semester, but it is not the same thing as reading for our own pleasure. Go to the library or simply choose a book from your parents’ bookshelf. Time spent on reading is a great spent time.

Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

Chances are that you have been dreaming of it for a long time but did not know how and when to start. The truth is that it is never too late. Choose the instrument you like and just do it. If you cannot choose, consider ukulele. It is not very expensive and it is very easy to play. You can learn the chords with youtube videos or other online tutorials.

Take a Class

It does not have to be a class which is count for school credits, but the one you have always wanted to learn. For example, look for certain art class in your area, take a yoga class or anything else that fascinates you.

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Get in Shape

Getting fit is one of the things which is easy to let slip away when you are having a tense study year. Set a goal for yourself, like going to the gym several times a week or working out every day for an hour. You might also like to learn a new sport. If you cannot start alone, grab a friend with you.


As well as reading, writing is another thing that you do a lot during the study semesters. But most likely you write so many academic papers that you forget how fun and creative it can be. Try writing some short stories or start keeping a diary and you will definitely like creative writing.


Even when you are not getting paid for certain work, it still can be a great experience and fun. Animal shelters, urban farms, libraries, and food banks are nice places to start.


Improving your garden or planting seeds is always surprisingly rewarding. Purchase a pot and fill it with interesting succulents or colorful plants that can be found at any garden store. You will be amazed by how beautiful the finished product can be.


Even if you are spending your summer in your home town, there are probably many things nearby that you have not seen before. Go for a bike ride in a local area that you are unfamiliar with. Reach the top of the hill that you have only seen from below. Take a road trip with friends. You can always spend your time effectively by visiting new locations and expanding your knowledge of the world around you.

Free summertime is a great opportunity for everyone to have complete control over things we learn and how we grow. Get some inspiration and spend your summer productively!