Reasons why House of Cards Is Worth Watching

Reasons why House of Cards Is Worth Watching

Have you never seen House of Card? Then, you should start right now. Really, I am not joking. This political thriller about corruption in the USA is directed in a so right way that absorbs viewers’ attention at once. The first season appeared on screen in 2003 and gained many fans at once. The reasons are listed below.

Political Background

It is amazing how differently House of Card demonstrates political sphere. It shows it from the inner position. A viewer starts to understand clearly how all this is going on in reality. Everything, starting from the minor intrigues and deals between politicians to the way in which negotiations are held is described in it. This movie is fictional, thus, you won’t be bored, but the topic it covers is unknown, fresh and absorbing.

Talented Actors

I do not want to be groundless and will just mention the names of the two leading actors. They are Claire Underwood and Kevin Spacey. If you have seen some pieces of their work, you should know that it is a great pleasure to watch their play. In the show, these two are a couple, which gives a great performance for the audience.

Uncommon Relationship

The character of the couple relationship cannot astonish too. They are so dedicated to each other. There are no secrets among them. All they aim is to get as mutual benefit from the partner as it is possible. Both are involved in criminals and affairs, but they trust each other and are so dedicated to their ties, that many contemporary couples can learn from them.

Other Characters of the Show

Besides the main actors, other characters of House of Card are various and interesting too. The eternal questions of what is good and bad, appropriate and inappropriate, ethical and unethical for a politician are raised. The audience observes in the show, what arrogant, cunning and daring people can do to achieve their career goals. The fiction is full of politicians with strong and weak, ambitious and average features, who are interesting to analyze, compare and contrast.

Another View at Washington

The political drama House of Card is filled with lies, thrills, and affairs, which attract so many fans. At the same time, it opens the audience a new perspective view at policy and politicians in general. After watching it you will never accept news and political speeches as you have done before. The show pulls back many curtains of political lives, competitions, and realities. There are no happy ends and fluff. Even considering the fact that many things are described in the show in an extreme way, your current acceptation of the politicians will change much after watching it.

Believe that you will get more fun from watching House of Cards than from the romantic sitcoms with which everybody is fed up and bored. Something fresh and new is always interesting. Develop your worldviews with new types of shows.