The Importance of College Degree

The Importance of College Degree

Those who finish a high school have hard times deciding what to do next. This dilemma is even more difficult for the students whose families have limited financial resources. On the one hand, it is clear that a young person needs to continue studying to get knowledge in some specialty to become a skilled worker. On the other hand, tuition payments are skyrocketing, and without a scholarship, not everyone can afford it. Therefore, some high school leavers see no other option but to start working. If you find yourself in such a situation, remember: no matter how difficult it seems to start college studying, you need to pursue it, and the following are good reasons to choose this option.

Higher Salary and Real Career Growth

It is the fact that those with a Master’s or Doctor’s degree have on average the salary that is at least 1.5 times bigger than the salary of unprofessional workers with no degree. Besides, having no college degree, you will have very limited professional growth, which also means limited career growth and limited top wages. And even if you have a chance to build a career, your salary will still be not as high as high as it could be if you had a college degree. At the same time, if you have a degree, you may eventually take up top management positions, which will open new possibilities for you in terms of salary. Therefore, you can see that in future, having a solid college education will definitely pay off.

Employment Package

With a college degree, you can always expect your job position to offer you a nice package of benefits. These may include paid sick and vacation leaves, various bonuses and financial rewards, insurance, social security, free coffee, donuts or other treats, etc. It is hard to imagine a low-qualification position that would offer such benefits, right? And by the way, be prepared to work longer hours since low-qualification jobs always entail an irregular workday. At the same time, if you are a degree holder and you are required to work extra hours, these hours will be paid additionally and at a much higher rate.

Job Security

Today, global economy, just as the economy of many particular countries, is very unstable, and nobody can be sure they will not lose their job tomorrow. However, college graduates tend to be more secure in this sense, as in most cases, employers first fire less qualified workers. And even if you happen to lose your job, you have much greater chances to find a new one faster than a no-degree worker. Thus, having a degree will make you more secure about your future.

Therefore, if you have some bright dreams of your future, try to make them true by getting education in a college. Yes, it may be difficult at times, but remember: it is worth your endeavors. Good luck!