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Online Courses vs. Traditional Education

Nowadays, the Internet offers more and more opportunities in terms of education. Some people claim that it is a step forward towards ensuring educational equality for everyone as even the poor people will benefit from it. Yet, the question of quality and reliability of online courses is still debated about. The current essay will investigate […]

Multicultural Instructional Lesson Part II

Introduction The process of organizing and sequencing events in a learning environment with the view of deciding the best method to deliver the activities and content to learners is known as instructional strategy. In instructional strategy, the instructor gives a description of the instructional and the existing criteria through the materials evaluation. It also refers […]

Starkville Student Discipline Program versus Conceptual Framework

Introduction Over the past years, a number of scientific studies on behavior amongst students have been conducted and, thus, a number of frameworks conceptualized for the best practices. This means that among other things, schools are expected to implement whichever method that works best for their specific circumstances. In the case of Starkville Academy, they […]