Online Courses vs. Traditional Education

Free «Online Courses vs. Traditional Education» Essay Sample

Nowadays, the Internet offers more and more opportunities in terms of education. Some people claim that it is a step forward towards ensuring educational equality for everyone as even the poor people will benefit from it. Yet, the question of quality and reliability of online courses is still debated about. The current essay will investigate the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional and online education. 

Flexibility is considered to be one of the key benefits of the online education. In fact, everyone can access the online courses without any time or space limitations. Those who apply for full-time courses will particularly value such an opportunity as they will be able to study during breaks and free time. The family commitments also fall into this category. On the other hand, traditional education is an option available for those who have a little bit more free time in their schedules. The con-campus studies usually offer morning or evening options, so that the students can adjust their lifestyles to the learning process. In any case, the traditional education promises more concentration on the subject and more in-depth learning compared with the online courses. 


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Another important criterion is the discipline. Even online courses have the discipline that is basically reflected in the availability of the deadlines and grades that reflect one’s abilities and knowledge according to the set requirements and standards. On the other hand, the online education might represent a challenge for those who are not motivated enough. There are only a few instructions from the teachers or instructors. Yet, they are frequently recommendatory and are not taken seriously by the students as in case of live interaction. Therefore, the self-discipline and the ability to set priorities and meet the deadlines are crucial for achieving success in online learning. The traditional education offers on-campus setting where the discipline is the concern of the staff. They are more compelling and demanding, thus, helping students to successfully complete their studies. 

The social interaction is usually livelier in the facilities providing traditional education. The students see each other on a daily basis and have an ability to communicate with each other. Additionally, they have a chance to participate in certain team-building activities that would create the team spirit and strengthen the relations between the team members. Furthermore, the in-class students have an opportunity to communicate with their professors on the spot, discussing certain issues or disagreeing with them. On the other hand, the interaction still takes place even in case of the online educational courses. The students frequently participate in forums where they discuss the issues in writing. They might also participate in online conferences through Skype or similar programs. In this regard, the online courses might be beneficial for the advanced or independent learners as they are associated with less distraction than the traditional classrooms. 

Eventually, the costs of the online and traditional learning differ significantly as some online courses are offered at no charge. Additionally, the students are offered a variety of subjects to choose from. All this facilitates personal development and contributes to the upbringing of a more educated society.  On the other hand, the degrees earned through the online learning and the certificates obtained by students after completing the online courses are not recognized by the majority of employers.

To sum up, it should be emphasized that both online learning and traditional education have their drawbacks and advantages. The online learning offers more flexibility and more opportunities while the traditional education seems to be more focused and concentrated and provides an opportunity to interact with the professors and group mates. In any case, the student should choose the kind of education that in the best way corresponds to his/her lifestyle.