Category: Management

Vulnerability Assessment

Introduction An insider threat is also called hacking in any organization, and a hacker is normally an employee in the organization who can get access to unauthorized information for financial gain. Hackers pose as members of staff by obtaining false credentials. Their activities in the organization aim at causing harm to its information (Williams, 2015). […]

Management Discussion

Types of Strategies First and foremost, it is important to understand the meaning of the term strategy. A strategy is a long-term, highly efficient and consistent plan to achieve the goals set in the inconclusive and fast-changing environment. There are many strategy types today – military strategies, risk strategies, management strategies, etc. However, when ones […]

Managing an Organization

So far, I have been employed in several companies where I have gained knowledge and understanding why some organizations are extremely successful and thriving while others still struggle to make their way in a harsh environment of strong competition. Thus, the success of any company greatly depends on how it is managed and how well […]

Case Analysis (Air Asia)

Introduction As the world’s lowest cost airline and Malaysian second largest National Airline, Air Asia has risen within a few years to become a giant in the industry. It has been able to provide a different approach and experience to air travel. With affordable fares and services that are in line with the nation’s aspiration […]

Leadership Theory

Introduction Proper leadership style is an important aspect of effective nursing (Jackson et al., 2009). The purpose of this paper is to determine my own style and then investigate the leadership style of Mother Teresa, in nursing and health care. After that, my leadership style and the style of Mother Teresa will be compared. Assessment […]