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So far, I have been employed in several companies where I have gained knowledge and understanding why some organizations are extremely successful and thriving while others still struggle to make their way in a harsh environment of strong competition. Thus, the success of any company greatly depends on how it is managed and how well and comfortable employees feel while working there. The paper will discuss my experience in two extremely divergent institutions, namely the best and the worst places I have ever worked for.

The best company I have been working for is Computer Sciences Corporation. Although I have gone through hard times working there, nevertheless it had numerous advantages, which outweighed the hard times. An important aspect of the company’s policy is its objective to offer quality services to its customers in order to attract new ones and retain those it already has. In this venture, the company employs the right people, and what is more important, appreciates them. The company values its workers understanding that they are its greatest asset and thus providing an environment that respects, supports, enables them to do their best, rewards them for a job well done, respects their families and other life commitments.

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The company’s attitude towards its working team made me rate this company as my best working place. The unique ability of the managers to make me feel wanted and much needed was a key aspect in making me willing to do my best for the company’s success. My contribution in various fields of its operation was highly appreciated. I felt especially good when my colleagues and other members of the staff asked me to aid them in their tasks and sought my opinion about their work issues.

It was a place where people of different backgrounds, nationalities or genders could succeed. The organization warmly welcomed new people, providing them with formal and informal training and orientation process to help them feel welcome. Being provided with mentors from the same background helped me blend into the working environment faster. Further, I was being recognized as an appreciated employee and have been given due credit and respect for the unique expertise and desire to share my ideas with the company, which made me willing to work even better.

However, a feeling of worthiness is not the only aspect that has influenced my determination to rate this company as the best place I have ever worked for. The whole team worked hard to gain a stable niche in the marketplace. The organization was known as a room for growth and success, both in financial and professional spheres. It was a place with a good reputation and working culture that greatly supported its employees. 

The company focused on strategic visibility, emphasizing on raising public awareness of its workplace practices and accomplishments to attract talented and skilled personnel. Some of the actions targeted at strategic visibility included strong internal communication, keeping all employees updated about its achievements, plans and decision-making processes, as well as making connections with business schools and other institutions of higher learning while participating in their career fairs and technology expositions among many others.

Nevertheless, I had a chance to be employed in a company I can term as the worst working place in my experience. Altra Science Limited is an organization that I would not recommend to anyone. In my view, this company has a long way to go to be able to thrive in any field, may it be  a company worthy of its employees or the one working smart enough to make its name known and its services demanded countrywide, not speaking about the international level.

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Employees of the company are not motivated. The company’s management believes to have the upper hand in everything and fails to recognize the realities of modern business being that employees’ work is vital in any business. For any company to perform well, employees who possess good qualities and vast knowledge are to be handled with care and respect.

First and foremost, safety at the workplace is not guaranteed. In the risky and dangerous working areas safety gears are not provided. If an employee gets injured while performing his/her duties, the company does not pay for their medical treatment; rather, one is left alone to deal with the fees. Favoritism is shown among representatives of the same race and background and when the rewards are to be given.

Regarding salary policies, the amount of work one performs and the payment he/she receives are not proportional at all. The feeling of being recognized or rewarded is absent. It is a company where everybody fights for himself. There is no team spirit, and peers and colleagues never seek advice from each other (“8 tips for improving employee engagement”, n.d.).

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As a new director of Human Resources and “cultural and change steward”, I would change several aspects for the organization to achieve more success. To start with, it is the way of hiring new employees. Historically, the only criteria used was to find a candidate with the best skills and experience; however, there are many more issues to consider in this venture. There are seven categories to be scrutinized when selecting the most suitable candidate, they are as follows:

  1. Competency: does the candidate possess the necessary skills, education and experience.
  2. Capability: does the employee-to-be have the ability and desire to accept more responsibility.
  3. Compatibility: can this person get along with colleagues and customers?
  4. Commitment: whether the candidate has a strong intention to work for the long term.
  5. Character: whether the person’s values are in the same line as the company’s.
  6. Culture: every business has a culture, and it is based on certain values, expectations and procedures. The candidate should be ready to adhere to this culture.