The Highest Paying Positions in the USA

The Highest Paying Positions in the USA

It is a well-known fact that everybody would like to get a high paying job. In spite of the fact that one person might be quite passionate about a particular field, having a job that brings huge income is of the same importance these days. The amount of money you get for your work has become the main criterion regarding the selection of your job.

Several decades before, you would have to gain lots of experience in a company for getting such a position. Apart from that, being promoted a few times would be also highly required. Nowadays things are rather different. In fact, a person can boast of a financial stability, even though he/she has not been working for the same organization a lot of years in a row.

How can you make it possible? Briefly, this happens thanks to education, because now we have more access to it. Today, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree in order to get the highest paying job in America. Nevertheless, certain well-paid jobs require a 2-year degree.

Best Paying Jobs

It is no secret that during the last several years, jobs concerning the healthcare field have occupied the highest positions with regard to financial rewards.

An anesthesiologist earns annually $246, 320. This is the top position. Actually, an unemployment rate of the anesthesiologists is only 0,4%. In fact, a surgeon and physician have taken the next positions. Their yearly pay is $240,440.

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However, you should not be surprised since all of these jobs involve a high level of determination, good skills, many years spent on studies after graduation as well as various residency programs that may even last for the whole decade.

One more aspect you should take into consideration concerning this top list of highest paying jobs is finance and time. It is about how much time and money someone is supposed to spend for education. Usually, medical professionals have big student loans, that might reach %500,000 before they get such a high salary.

2-Years Degree Jobs That Are Highest Paying

Dental Hygienist

As you see, this job also refers to the healthcare field. Dental hygienists need only an associate degree that may take 2 years of studying. His salary is $70,210 per year approximately.

MRI Technologist

It is obvious that this profession deals with the medical field, too. In addition, it requires 2 years of getting knowledge and practice. Such a job involves performing MRI’s on patients. The sum of money you get in a year is from $46,660 to $82,510. It depends on experience.

Web Developer

Almost all businesses that take on a job web developers don’t pay much attention to the degree of an employee but on their skills. If a person can write qualitative code, apparently this is more significant for the employers because a degree or a title is simply a piece of paper. Moreover, a web developer can take advantage of an opportunity to become a successful freelancer, getting a certain flexibility and projects that are well-paid.