True Story: My College Pays Me

True Story: My College Pays Me

Most of you will not believe it is true, but I have a proof. Every month my college sends me a check. In addition, I do not spend money on books and other stuff needed for school. What is more important, I have no loans and debts. If you are wondering how did a mere student achieve that, continue reading my story.

Choosing a College

My choice of the college was greatly influenced by my decision not to be indebted. My parents could not help me much with paying college tuition, and I did not want to start my adult life having serious financial obligations. That is why I chose a community college. Unfortunately, not many young people consider this option when they are faced with the necessity to decide on the college. In our society, we perceive a community college education to be less effective than a one obtained in a private college. However, I have another vision of the situation.

I Did not Take a Gap Year

Today, many high school students prefer to have a year out of school before entering a college. Sadly, they often end up never receiving higher education. To my mind, a gap year contributes to forgetting much of the material that was studied during school years. I did not want to have a fresh start, so I decided to enter a community college right after graduating from high school.


This is the secret that explains the reasons why I am getting the checks from my college. I was lucky enough to fill in my FAFSA form effectively. So, now the government covers the cost of my education completely. FAFSA grant actually covers more than I need to. As a result, I receive the remaining money each month in the form of the check from my college. I spend these spare funds on books and other stuff needed for my education.

Searching for Cheap Books

I think it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a new book and then store it under a bed for years. That is why I always rent or buy used books from older students or online bookstores. Of course, if I buy a book, I sell it as soon as it becomes useless for me.

This is my life story that can also become yours if you learn how to make wise financial decisions. Without a doubt, I get a lot of benefits from FAFSA financial aid. In addition, I know how to spend the remaining money wisely and avoid paying for books and stuff needed for college. If you practice some other money-saving tips, please share them in comments.