The Personality of God – Example Essay

The Personality of God – Example Essay

There is no person in the World who hasn’t ever thought about God and who He is. Even though not everybody believes in His existence and incredible power, most people at least once addressed this question. But still, the question remains to be unsolved and millions of followers try to guess the true embodiment of God, whether He is a man, a ubiquitous spirit or another creature. Luckily, the Bible contains all the valuable information concerning the true face of the Lord. The most specific thing about the description is that it provides us with the spiritual traits of God not concentrating on His physical factors. That is why, let us have a closer look at the facts suggested by the Holy Book.

In the first place, we cannot omit the fact that the Lord is creative. It is not only because He is the one to design the whole Universe and people, but because of His unbelievably sophisticated plans and solutions of everyday problems which coordinate with our needs.

Second, God is gracious and merciful. Each living soul is born with roots of sin and a tendency to wrongdoing. The first sin was a turning point to implant this imperfection. Not paying attention to this, God makes an effort to understand us in different circumstances and forgive wickedness and offenses.

Third, God is sincere. There is no doubt that He is the most righteous and truthful being of all times. He never forgets his promises and we can hardly realize all aspects of His virtuousness. In various places Bible shows the evidence of it, for example in Psalm 119, the Word of God is compared with the light, which shows the way to follow.

One more trait of the Lord is powerfulness. In fact, God is capable of doing everything that can be seen and even of invisible things. We cannot even imagine all the amazing things that God has the ability to do. His love and wisdom have no measures. Like a skilled surgeon, He makes operations on our hearts and minds to change them irrevocably forever.

Probably, nobody has a clear vision of God. This is truly impossible. Reading the Holy Book, we gain understanding, which is very different for each person. God is not only the creator, who is constantly with us regardless of our deeds. If you believe in Him, you have a chance to have the best advisor and friend ever.