The Effects of Global Warming

The Effects of Global Warming

Can you give a precise definition and fully explain why global warming demands our undivided attention? One can describe it as the scientific phenomenon of the rise in the global average temperature due to the greenhouse effect. Unfortunately, human beings came to realize the dire consequences of the radiation trapping and anthropogenic increase in gasses that lead to greenhouse effect only a hundred years ago.

The causes that bring about the increase in temperature can be both natural and anthropogenic yet the latter has the dominant influence. It all happens simply due to carbon dioxide and methane emissions that warm the lower atmosphere and the surface. The term directly derived from this situation, as our planet slightly resembles the greenhouse. What is more, the natural rotation of the sun has an effect on the climate due to the changing intensity of solar radiation that hits the planet. In addition, one should not underestimate the outcome of volcano eruptions, as it also leads to releasing a large amount of sulfur dioxide into the air.

What is the danger that hides behind these two simple words “global warming”? The melting of polar ice caps will cause floods all over the world. If we consider the ice fields themselves, they will melt increasing the sea level. If we consider the snow and large masses of ice in mountains, they will melt resulting in numerous floods that will bring devastation to the countries. For these reasons, the melting of ice and general warming are perceived as the most hazardous ordeals in modern conditions.

The number of environmental catastrophes will be multiplied in the foreseeable future, and the overall economy will face a decrease as the natural disasters will have a detrimental effect. For instance, hurricanes will be more common, inflicting severe damage and losses of billions of dollars. What is more, we should bear in mind that the experts claim tornadoes, floods, and draughts will at least double in intensity. Just imagine a tornado twice as strong as it regularly is and twice as often. Do you realize the magnitude of the problem now?

Each and every essay on global warming should cover solutions to the existing situation. There is a great number of small decisions we can make and steps we can take to contribute to improving the environment or at least to not damaging it further. For instance, we can opt for hybrid cars in order to reduce gasoline consumption and vehicle emissions. Another option is to use public transport. Nonetheless, this all means that people will need to refuse from the goods they are used to.

There are high expectations of the geoengineering that can reduce the effects and the global warming itself. One of the latest suggestions is to pump sulfur directly into the atmosphere to cause the global cooling. Such a technology has its own advantages, so let’s hope that in the near future geo-engineers will succeed in its evolving and implementation.

Making a significant conclusion, there are many reasons behind global warming. Unfortunately, they will not vanish into thin air so immediate actions should be taken. There are only two ways out: either geoengineering will be developed enough to control the environment or people will do their best to reduce the environmental footprint.