Writing a Current Event Paper Essay

Writing a Current Event Paper Essay

No one has ever referred to writing a current event paper essay as to a considerable challenge. However, it sometimes can be difficult to find a right topic, which you can support with a vast number of references, and overcome the writer’s block. If you do not face these problems, the only piece of advice we can offer to you is to consider the originality of your current event paper. Only 100 percent original papers can achieve a good grade, so if you are about to use web sources or current event paper examples, ensure that your paper in no way resembles the paper you have found online.

Starting from the very beginning, picking an appropriate topic is pivotal. Notwithstanding all your analytical and writing skills, it will be not possible to write a perfect essay, if the topic does not evoke the interest inside of you. In most cases, your professor gives a specific field of study and you are supposed to find an area that interests you and narrow it down to the topic. Remember that the content of your paper should be relevant and informative. Oftentimes, you need to undertake a balanced and realistic assessment of the current state of affairs. It is pretty simple: look through the news or the articles, which present groundbreaking discoveries recently made in this sphere and apply your analytical skills.

Your primary aim is to choose a reputable and credible source. According to the latest research, to them belong The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, etc. Nonetheless, if your professor specifies the source, for instance choosing NPR, you should firmly stick to it. Bear in mind that it is easier to spend some precious time on looking for relevant material than to waste time rewriting it. Remain consistent with following your paper requirements!

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The stages of writing a current event paper resemble any other kind of an essay: conduct a thorough research and examine the articles you have chosen, make an outline, write a draft and an essay itself, edit and proofread. Still, there is one more additional stage that takes place along with writing a draft: identifying five Ws and one H, which are pivotal elements. These factors are as following:

  • Who was involved in the event and played the leading role in its unfolding?
  • What did actually happen, what are the events’ consequences, and what will it bring about later (some kind of prediction)?
  • When did the event happen or when it is supposed to happen?
  • Where did / will the event happen (the exact location)?
  • Why did the event happen (sound reasoning is required)?
  • How will this event influence the world around (explanation of the connections between the events and their consequences).

Hope that our bits of advice will come to your aid and will ease the process of writing a current event paper essay. If you are reluctant to write any piece of writing, just contact us, and our team of writers will compile one for you!