How to Start an Essay with a Quote

How to Start an Essay with a Quote

The important requirements for an essay are the completeness of the content, the validity of the propositions and the persuasiveness of the conclusions. These qualities can be achieved with the help of quotes.

Citations in the essay are literally the statements of the excerpts from works of art, critical articles or any other sources. They are cited by the author of an essay in order to back up and confirm their thoughts. A special role is played by the quotes used at the very beginning of the paper. They become key theses of the work and attract the attention of readers. When using quotes in the first paragraph, you must comply with the following requirements.

The Formatting of Citations

The quotations should be written in accordance with the idea, which they confirm, as well as with the entire essay. They should not overload the essay; citations should be used expediently and purposefully. If the quote is used from a critical article or some other source, the author’s name should be indicated (so that the reader can understand to whom the quoted words belong). Such a feature as the use of a lowercase or uppercase letter depends on how the quotations are included in the text of the essay. In this regard, there may be several varieties of quotes.

It can be a small text consisting of two or more independent sentences. In such cases, the quotation must be written from a new line and begin with a capital letter, standing out in a separate paragraph.

Quotes in the form of direct speech are frequently used. In such cases, they are usually introduced into the text using the words “wrote,” “said,” “noticed,” etc. with the observance of all rules of the organization of sentences with direct speech.

The Role of the Epigraph in the Text

In some situations, it is appropriate to use a citation as an epigraph. The fact is that in this way you can attract the attention of readers. The main thing is to choose a truly relevant quote that matches the essence of your paper. It is also very important to write a brief citation. Too long pieces of text are not suitable for use as an epigraph, as they will not be remembered by the audience and may overload your essay.

Originality and Banality

Many writers use quotes in their works. Some expressions, in spite of their deep meaning and wisdom, have become so-called “vile phrases” due to their frequent appearance in many texts. Try to find something new. Cite not very famous, but a very relevant statement.

The original beginning of the paper contributes to the desire of readers to continue reading. Learn additional literature to find a suitable quote. Remember that this process can take quite a long time, but as a result, you will get an interesting, intriguing essay that will appeal to a wide audience and will bring you success. Use these tips and recommendations to create a perfect work.