Self-Reflection Essay

Self-Reflection Essay

It is hard to work with people that suffer from autism or the Asperger Syndrome. Communication with such kind of people requires special training and developing specific skills which include verbal and nonverbal ways of transmission. There are no standard techniques of exchanging the information because every person has individual needs.

The most significant thing is the manner of dealing with people which have these diseases. You should understand their body language and present yours in a suitable form. Remember that these people can interpret differently. People can communicate without words. They can show their emotions by smiling or frowning. Perhaps, it is the earliest language that our predecessors developed. There are two gestures that are generally used. They contain the smile on the face and the movement of the head. You can see these indicators during a conversation. It is easy to read the smiles. The scholars distinguish various kinds of them like closed, upper, and broad.

The visual system is very useful too. People with these diseases have difficulties with perception. They can perceive the world by gestures or facial and body expressions. There are several of the most regularly used systems. They contain a social story or humorous talks. These systems show imaginary situations that give an opportunity for these people to reflect. A social story is a short narrative which shows the situation with appropriate answers whereas humorous talks are presented in a funny format. They help these people to understand the situations to some extent.

These techniques of exchanging the information are suitable for people with autism or Asperger syndrome in spite of having some negatives. The methods are too slow, and they require much patience by workers and patients. There are some restrictions too. A lot of patients can’t express some complicated emotions and concepts. After reconsideration, a lot of these people can show their emotions and ideas by clear pictures. There was a situation when one man always came late in the cafe because he thought that other people derided him. We can’t understand the reason for the lateness. Lately, he described it, and we help him to overcome that problem.

People that have autism or the Asperger Syndrome sometimes use speech as a barrier to exchanging the information. They think that talking to others is easier that making an attempt to follow the rules. All of the patients need a special program of communication. This program should include these parts: patients know their needs or share their own ideas; they know how to communicate on the semantic or the linguistic levels: they are making attempts for getting their special level of communication.

All mentioned above shows the reflection of people with such diseases like autism or the Asperger Syndrome. These people need a personal communication by using different kinds of expression. Also, there is important the manner of dealing with these people. We should remind that in most cases they are using the earliest language that our ancestors developed.