Tips on How to Develop Your Personal Style

Tips on How to Develop Your Personal Style

Do you think that it is fun to keep up with everything fresh and new? You are right. But still, fashion should not be about blind following trends. It should be about using clothes to express yourself. You personal style has to become the foundation of your unique look. To develop this personal style, you have to know what is yours and what is not. How to do it? Use the tips listed below.

Ways to Develop Your Personal Style

1. Determine Your Colors. Having a personal color scheme is a crucial task for any stylish woman. You should assess your complexion, the shade of your hair and eyes, as well as your favorite colors to determine the most suitable scheme. It will help you to choose the pieces of clothing that will look best on you.

2. Choose a Style Trademark. Your trademark is either the brand, which you wear every day, or a peculiar item you are known for. This item should be something that you like so much that you cannot imagine yourself not wearing it. Choosing such item also helps to understand what you really value, or what you find aesthetical pleasure in.

3. Embrace Your Shape. Learn how to dress according to your body type and get to know how to highlight your best features, minimize the drawbacks of your body and look stunning. But do not be too critical of your body. It is always better to stay positive and embrace your body as it is. Instead of telling yourself that you have a chubby stomach, remind yourself that you have beautiful legs, a shapely chest, graceful arms, etc. To learn more on the subject, read the book The Science of Sexy by Bradley Bayou.

4. Create a Personal “Look Book”. It should include your favorite past outfits. You can document your style day-by-day by starting a style blog or just saving photos on your computer. It will help you realize what outfits you like the most and which ones suit you best. Alternatively, you can start an inspirational folder and keep track of your fashion inspiration. You can do it by creating collages of photos that you like, cutting pictures from magazines, printing them from the computer, or taking your friends’ photos from Facebook or Instagram. Review your notes before going shopping to recall the styles you liked and choose the clothes you are looking for.

Every person can develop their personal style and look amazingly on a daily basis. It does not require much effort, or any special skills; you need only fair assessment of your current style, your body shape, and other individual physical and emotional features. Do not rely just on fashion, but consider this question personally. Take into account the recommendations, which you have just received and apply them in practice to express your personality through your stunning looks!