Seven Stunning Lakes for Globetrotters

Seven Stunning Lakes for Globetrotters

The Planet Earth is one of the most beautiful places in the universe. It has many tourist attractions to boast about. Among them are fascinating lakes. Many people love watching such places and try to find out which of them are the most amazing. I am sure that you will get interested in the list of the lakes given below:

Lake Baikal (in Siberia) is thought to be very old with the age of 25-30 000 years. Because of its considerable depth (1,642 meters), the lake is not fully examined. Scientists discover that this attraction has deep sediments. Furthermore, it is believed to have the flourishing flora and fauna. Most of the local plants and animals are restricted to this area.

Abraham Lake (in Canada) is basically an artificial lake that is situated near the Saskatchewan River. When summer comes, everybody can admire its beauty. What is more, in winter there are frozen bubbles like small white balls that lay on the bottom. Why do these bubbles appear? The answer is in methane gas that cannot get out from the lake because of the ice.

The lake that is famous among many photographers since it can frequently be seen on the pages of different periodicals is called Taal Lake (in the Philippines). It offers a great deal of interesting features. For example, it was formed many years ago because of the volcanic eruption. In addition, there is an island in the middle of this lake.

Five Flower Lake (in China) is a quite distinctive one due to the fact that lots of people come from all over the world to watch it. Five Flower lake is not deep, only 5 meters. Frankly speaking, when you come closer to this place, you can see various leaves with different shades of color. Owing to the fact that the water is extremely pure here, you can easily see everything that is on the bottom.

The most interesting peculiarity of Spotted Lake is its stains that have numerous colors and are easily noticeable. Such minerals as titanium, silver and calcium are particularly concentrated in this area. This unique natural phenomenon is also renowned for its medicinal properties.

Lake Hillier is situated in the West of Australia. Pink hue of its water is a dominant characteristic of this lake. Actually, even when this water is transferred from this lake to another vessel, it still possesses pink color. Researchers have not found the reason of this astonishing color.

The most ancient park in Croatia is famous for Plitvice Lake. People suppose that this lake is remarkably beautiful, because it has a diversity of colors. Nearly 1, 2 million travelers visit this attraction. Changing of colors is permanent. They vary from green to grey, to blue, etc.

Broadly speaking, each of these natural wonders is extremely gripping. Undoubtedly, everybody would like to visit all of them. So, do not put off packing of your suitcase for tomorrow and grasp an opportunity to visit these wonderful lakes!