What Does Statement Mean in Fashion?

What Does Statement Mean in Fashion?

The word “statement” is one of the most frequently used in fashion nowadays. It has become the real talk of the town, both on the World Wide Web and in everyday conversations with your buddy about what to have an the party tomorrow. “Statement piece” is an absolute buzzword, but what does “making a statement” mean in fashion, and when has it become ubiquitous?

It may sound odd, but one youngster can change the history with his rebel spirit and desire to express protest or discontent. We are talking about the history of fashion of course. If someone adds a tiny item to his/her outfit, they may start a new trend. His or her will to be the special one, in other words, to make a statement about himself/herself, may evoke admiration and respect in the eyes of other people. And all of that happens thanks to a little “statement piece.”

Wearing something eye-catching is not brand new. However, if people take photos of you because you are dressed in something attention-grabbing and then upload those photos to be seen and appreciated by dozens of other people on the online space, it speaks volumes about your personality. It is the way the fashion starts — we copy the outlooks that impress us. The same refers to the statement pieces that have always been around. The street style photography put them on the map because they are something that captured the photographer’s and as the result the Internet users’ attention.

Why Does Fashion Matter?

So is making a statement in fashion vital? Sure, it is. And it is not only about fashion. It makes no difference what sphere you work in and whether you are a keen fashion lover or not.

Firstly, statement pieces contribute to well-being. Nothing gets us more frustrated than a dull outfit, and the little necklace changes the situation dramatically. Clothes are a form of self-expression, and how we dress impacts our mood. So if putting on something fancy makes you feel better, why not do so?

Secondly, statement pieces determine your personality. They add something special to your identity. All the top bloggers and star fashion editors whose personal style is there for the whole world to see have tip-top pieces that state who they are. Now, think of yourself and the pieces in your wardrobe: do you have such items that add exceptional charm to your personality?

Because of their boldness and the sense of liberation, statement pieces have become mainstream. It is not only because they attract street style blogs and might make somebody known; it is not just because they may boost your self-esteem or help you stand out in the crowd but rather because of their ability to maintain the well-being of person on a high level.