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Currently social media have become a platform that complements many parts of our lives. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many other sites enable their users to interact with like-minded people and share online content. Social media rapidly disseminate information, which is probably its biggest strength coupled with its ability to accommodate informal conversations.

Depending on the platform, users are able to choose if they want a selected portion of their profile or the whole profile to be publicly accessible by anyone or to be visible to particular audiences. The content shared in social media can be text pieces, short message updates, images, links, video or audio files, CV related documents and so much more. One can watch the funniest videos on YouTube and then, using twitter and Facebook, the person can share it with people on his/her friends’ list. By subscribing to a particular profile one can get regular updates on events, jobs, music, and property etc. Tags are used to enable users to find certain topics very easily.

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The term hashtag refers to similar content. People may use social media professionally; for instance, one can write a blog concerning a particular topic. The original poster can then attach that blog to his/her profile on Facebook and put hashtags in twitter as well so that all potential readers can access it. Alternatively, the writer can record a tutorial then post it over YouTube for viewers to get that information.

The value of using public media cannot be understated. Social media have become an important tool for big and small businesses. As technology continues to change, so does the recruitment for the big and small companies as they try to keep in pace with the changes. In getting to recruit people as an entrepreneur, I would upload the job advert on various social media sites so that much more people can see and share it; its purpose would be to direct users to the company’s website. That would attract even those applicants that are not yet subscribed to the company’s page. The website would then give the applicants a chance to create their own profile and upload their resume. They will then apply for the job that has been enlisted.

Today there are even several applications that serve as job engines. Here after I have uploaded my recruitment offer, applicants are able to access it and search for different jobs all at once. They will be able to find all relevant information on the company’s page. It is, therefore, important for job candidates to follow their interested companies on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn so that as soon as job postings appear, they become aware.

Social media can be a valuable tool in the workplace as well as cause problems. As a benefit, the company is able to maintain a profile enabling it to have an easily searchable presence. The company can attract new clients more easily and respond to questions from their current customers; it can use social media sites as a promotional platform where it constantly updates its profile on what is new.

However, social media can negatively affect the work place first because it can be a great distraction. Employees can waste their valuable work hours in playing games, watching videos or chatting with friends. In addition, the company can be exposed to malware with the usage of social media which can harm company software and networks.

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As far as class readings are concerned, I would recommend the use of more documentaries in the unit. This is because I think the platform is more appealing through the use of pictures and videos that are more interesting and fun to watch. Social media is dynamic. It keeps changing all the time. Therefore, I think that the class should keep in pace with this change by providing students with fresh material every semester.