The Nature of Gatsby’s Desire

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The Great Gatsby is one of the works written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, which acquaints the reader with the vortex of feelings and emotions. All characters of the work play their perfect role of making the reader dive into the depth of desires experienced by characters. The book is the penetration of luxury, love, hatred, jealousy and injustice. The reader quickly transforms their feelings and emotions while reading a book. However, the examination of Gatsby’s desire is the main objective of the book. Gatsby is the one who tends to be a clot of feelings and emotions, which makes it interesting to unveil his thoughts.

In general, Gatsby is the man who tends to transform his desire into hundreds of other desires. He has a plan and takes into consideration the smallest aspects of his life, which should lead to the fulfillment of his dream. The main desire of Gatsby is to turn the past since he is willing to bring his love back. Thus, he does not think about expenses as well as experience and life of his love Daisy. Gatsby does not believe in the impossibility of recovery of his love; hereby, he does everything to transform his life into the fairytale he could have with Daisy. It is interesting to examine the transformation of his desire mixed with dedication, which leads to numerous actions that aim to turn attention of Daisy. At the beginning of the story, the main desire of Gatsby was to find a way to meet Daisy so that he could explain everything to her and reunite with the love of his life.

Parties were the first point to turn attention of Daisy. Gatsby wanted to make a free access to anyone willing to attend his party. He dreamed of the day when he could meet Daisy there. However, Daisy never arrived, and Gatsby had to ask Nick and Jordan for help who arranged a meeting for him. Another point of Gatsby’s desire regarding parties is to rehabilitate in the eyes of the society since he did not want the burden of his past follow him. Consequently, Gatsby successfully included all aspects of his desire into the plan.

Daisy was the main target of the plan. Gatsby could only dream about the day when he could reunite with his love and spend endless days together. However, he did not take into account Daisy’s life and experience. He thought that Daisy could easily forsake it all in order to be with him again. Daisy was the focus of Gatsby’s desire, which created other points of the plan that could bring Gatsby and Daisy at least a little bit closer. It is amazing to see how Fitzgerald depicts Gatsby as the character with transforming feelings. At the beginning of the book, the reader meets a man who is full of love and feeling to the woman who left a print on his heart five years ago. The reader admires the man who kept his love inside for many years and did not cease loving the only woman. It is amazing to see how the author describes every single feeling of the main character in order to reflect the nature of his thoughts and desires. As soon as Gatsby meets Daisy, he becomes the happiest man alive. Apparently, he enjoys every single minute spent with Daisy and dreams of the day they could reunite forever. Thus, he truly believes that Daisy can leave her husband and marry Gatsby. However, it does not happen. As soon as Gatsby realizes that the love of his whole life abandons him, he starts to worry and express irritation. As a result, his actions become penetrative, persistent, rigid and desperate. Gatsby refuses to see anything else around him as long as he found love of his whole life. He does not see any obstacles and does not want to accept the fact that it is impossible to return the lost years of love. Gatsby builds his love upon illusions. “‘Daisy, that’s all over now,’ he said earnestly. ‘It doesn’t matter any more. Just tell him the truth—that you never loved him—and it’s all wiped out forever’” (Fitzgerald, n.d.) Desperation of Gatsby proves that he lived in his dreams but not in reality. Hereby, he does not believe that it is impossible to return the past. Nick tries to remind him that the past should remain the past as long as there is no chance of returning Daisy into Gatsby’s life. Daisy accepts Gatsby’s courtship in order to remind herself about the love she had many years ago. Nevertheless, she does not think about meeting Gatsby as a chance of leaving her husband. In addition, the author manages to describe the reaction of Daisy in a hidden way. The author shows that Daisy reveals that she was truly in love with Gatsby many years ago. However, sadness fills Daisy’s feelings. She realizes that she cannot divorce her husband and return into Gatsby’s life. Moreover, she realizes that meeting Gatsby is just a chance to remind herself of her first love. Gatsby, in his turn, dreams of Daisy as of his future wife. He cannot accept refusal and does not want to think that the past is already gone. Consequently, he does not understand Daisy, and it drives him to despair, believing that she still loves him as she used many years ago.