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The Internet offers people who struggle with chronic diseases a variety of resources that can be beneficially used. Without a doubt, the necessity of the online sources in the question grows since, nowadays, the majority of people use websites in order to find the required information. It is also the fastest way to obtain important knowledge, specify the search, and improve the possibility of providing the first aid effectively. However, the problem concerning the real benefit of such sources still exists and remains rather actual. People should be aware that a proper source is the one that is trustful and reliable as well as comprehend that their well-being depends on the quality of information presented on such websites. Thus, the paper is aimed to analyze the sites that can be used in order to ameliorate the planning care and provide enough support for a wide range of patients, families, and communities.

The first source, which is helpful in handling chronic illnesses, is the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As it is clear from the name of the source, the main aim of the workers is to prevent diseases by providing a reasonable explanation and sufficient support for the fight against the illnesses. This site has a proper structure and is divided into special sections that represent diverse diseases (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2016). Moreover, it provides all necessary information for different groups of people. The most urgent issues discussed concern school and adolescent health, food safety, healthy weight, obesity, bad habits and the immunization. CDC also ensures that the travelers and people who are on the road could receive support. It is quite a useful service since, no matter where people are, they can easily find a certain clinic at any location and ask for help. The centers’ website deals with the problem of natural disasters as well. It describes accidents and appropriate people’s behavior, outlines the information about chemical and radiation emergencies, which is one of the most terrifying dangers in the contemporary society. Moreover, the site has a strong search system and highlights the latest news that keep the followers always up-to-date with events. There is also the section called “Publications,” which is considered very useful, as it presents the top articles from the experts from all over the world.


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The second source to be described is the website of the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR). Its primary goal is to build the scientific foundation for clinical practice. It also works on preventing different diseases, clarifies the symptoms, and provides care for sick people. This site has a strong base for research and offers helpful findings. The source also has a system of training, which serves more rigorous needs. The information is presented clearly. However, this site is only recommended for those people who already have a proper qualification in the healthcare sphere or are gaining it. Ordinary users also have a chance to find necessary information, but the way they benefit from this site depends on a degree of their understanding of human beings. All in all, the source has its specific devotion that is to improve the health of the Americans. It claims that in the years of severe challenges, it is necessary to conduct and develop a reasonable strategy, which can help suffering people feel better (National Institute of Nursing Research, 2015). The director of the Institute, Dr. Patricia A. Gardy, tells that the organization’s mission is fulfilled by taking numerous actions called to eliminate all of the difficulties and ameliorate people’s well-being. Such policy and dedication to the working process are the key elements for achieving success. Using this site, people could discover new information for themselves, improve their comprehension of the most recovery processes, learn how to provide the first aid, and get acquainted with nursing and care services.

The third source that it is worth observing is the site of American Heart Association. As the medical problems connected with the functioning of heart become widely widespread these days, the urgency of the information on the site is beyond doubt. There is a comprehensive explanation of all heart diseases. It also describes health conditions and provides characteristics of the most common risky situations. In the special section, one could find the guidelines as well as pieces of advice of how to cope with them. Typical users can share own experience and search for other people who have suffered from a similar disease. In addition, this source has a considerable electronic library full of the outstanding papers that are related to the topic of the heart diseases and their treatment (American Heart Association, 2016). The next useful service of this site is a professional education center. Every member of the website community has a right to train and chance to receive the assistance of high quality from the qualified professionals. Moreover, it has its donation system, so if somebody is willing to help, he or she could volunteer, donate some money and, thus, save other people’s lives. The visitors of this site can receive the required assistance from the customer support. Every operator, who works with the clients, is ready to provide the detailed explanation and offer a piece of “electronic advice.” At the same time, a number of people use the online forum in search of mutual understanding of their problems. It is worth saying that the users who take care of sick people can find the specific recommendation of how to look after their relatives.

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The next source that will be outlined is the website called NHS Choices. It is the most appropriate option for people who search for care and support plans (NHS Choices, 2015). This site helps the users to specify their needs, design a well-developed strategy, and realize it. Surely, people may face some challenges while implementing the plan, but the site will assist to think it over properly before making any decisions. Besides, this source contains the list of diverse diseases structured in an alphabetical order, which makes the search fast and effortless. The structure of this site is not complicated to understand even for those elderly people who are not good at using the Internet. That is why each age category is likely to be satisfied with this resource. The website also provides access to so-called social care that the majority of people might be happy to discover for themselves because it is a qualified support that everyone can obtain. This service is aimed to assist older people who need special attention and care. The specialists develop individual planning for them. The group of support aids to overcome the most severe difficulties, even those which are related to the financial conditions of the patients, and establish a strong connection between the members of the community.

One of the chosen online sources is Core Care Standards website. It could help people completely change their lives by implementing an effective strategy by taking the proper measures (Derbyshire Healthcare, n.d.). It has its own code of ethics, which promotes the amelioration and development of their services. The quality, dignity, recovery and well-being are the most important principles of their work. The site provides services for children, adults, and elderly people. With regard to their wide audience, the site designers paid much attention to the text size. They assured a 3-level reading that is a reasonable solution for each category of people. Moreover, this source offers information about a variety of problems that ordinary people find difficult to cope with and encourages instant and hard work, which will result in general well-being. The website promotes an idea that people are obliged to improve their mental and physical health if they want to feel better. The instant training is what the organizers of this community propose to their clients. It has its independent fund of trust and a good link of partnership, what means that the source works with other organizations and companies. Such a cooperation engenders effectiveness and lasting results on the way of achieving progress. It develops an idea that the strong connection exists not only between official representatives but also among ordinary users. Core Care Standards compose a type of community in which all members are ready to provide encouragement and lift moral spirit for each other.

The last source under consideration is Advance Care Planning website. The source is uncommon since it gives an opportunity for people to think about their future today. It is emphasized there that everyone should be aware of taking reasonable decisions concerning his or her health care as early as possible in order not to regret about anything in one’s old age. The specialists and experts have recently altered the understanding of advance care directive and care plan. These two notions differ as well. The main particularity of this site is that everyone can become acquainted with such information after visiting this source. Moreover, it offers services in different regions of our planet and shows the recent statistics from all over the world. It suggests that if a person suffered from a severe illness, he or she is more likely to take precautions at the nearest time, and the website can assist with these. Its major goal is to improve the quality of patients’ lives and prevent further diseases. Every user could benefit from its individual approach and develop a specific plan of the active treatment. The site also has a specific section of stories that told by the people who have suffered from the same diseases. They share their own experience and the ways and methods they applied in the attempt to fight against the illness (The National Advance Care Planning Cooperative, n.d.).

To summarize, it is important to emphasize the significance of finding the most appropriate and pertinent sources that would be useful for the different groups of people in dealing with chronic diseases. Interestingly, there are a great number of sources that facilitate the search of information and provide assistance with solving any difficulties. However, only few of them can serve the basic needs of the users in the most effective way. The reason for that is that care planning for people who belong to different communities and have their own requests is complicated. Every user demands the particular information, individual approach, and special attention. Nevertheless, all of the sources presented in this paper are able to serve a variety of urgent patients’ needs. Each of the sites listed above has a practical application and the high level of trust. The powerful groups of support who offer their aid behind these sources also contribute to their trustworthiness and reliability. They are efficient when someone is looking for an advice in terms of planning care from both educated professionals and peers who have similar disease experience.