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It was a bright early morning. The mountain birds were singing their sweet memories to welcome the new day. The petals with dew shown like gold under the sun. I woke up early as usual to go to the hotel. I could not let my father down after all the efforts he had made to start a hotel for me. After finishing high school in 2005-2006, I started working with my father in the sphere of real estate. The work was tough. Although I was young, I worked with determination hoping that things would improve. My father encouraged me to work hard and commit my plans to God. I endured numerous hardships in the real estate job for two years. Luckily, my father had saved some money and decided to open an Indian restaurant called Taji; so, I took over the restaurant.

One day, a group of women leaders from the local community had made a reservation to have their lunch at the hotel. They had a meeting in the nearby gardens and preferred Taji Restaurant because of its delicious meals. This made me proud of the restaurant and the commitment I had put in it. Therefore, I woke up earlier than usual so that I could organize the employees to ensure everything is in order. We all came earlier to the restaurant so that we could do our daily duties and cater for the extra work because of the women. The day seemed promising, but I could not imagine it would turn out the way it did.

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Exactly at noon, a dozen of women arrived at the restaurant. We served them, and they were satisfied. As the women were moving out of the hotel, a group of six men entered the hotel. They looked anxious and tired. We had been receiving tired visitors coming from long journeys, conferences, and other experiences that exhausted them. Therefore, the waiters went to them immediately to ask what they wanted. They requested for food and drinks. I was seating at the reception chair so that I could oversee what was happening to the clients. Despite the fact that the earlier clients, the women leaders, had made my day, I noticed something fishy with this group of men. My conscience communicated that something was not right. Little did I know that I my life was just about to take a U-turn. I stared at the customers as the waiters served them.

After the waiters had brought the food to the table, one of the men received a call. He looked shocked and disturbed. Immediately, he stood up and told his colleagues something that I did not hear. Then, he came directly to me with two bags and handled them over to me. He told me to keep the bags save and not to give anyone. He then told me that in case he does not come back in three hours, I should use the bag wisely and be a good person. Then the group left without eating the food. They did not even bother to pay for the food, because they were in so much hurry.  After around ten minutes, we heard loud gun shots about 500 meters away. I had kept the bags in the store and the keys in my pocket. I had not checked what was in the bags, because they had told me not to check until three hours. I was still in confusion not knowing what to do. I decide to go and check what was happening so that I could warn the employees and the clients in the hotel.

I could not believe what my eyes saw on the ground. All the six men that had come to Taji Restaurant lay down dead. There were more than ten policemen with ammunitions. The police spokesman told the audience that the six were the most wanted criminals that the police had been searching for a long time. They had robbed three banks the previous night. However, the police said that two of the criminals who had the money had escaped. They promised that they would one day get them as they will continue with the chase.

This was the luckiest day in my life. I went back to the store where I had kept the bags. I could not believe my eyes! The bags were full of money that was packed in bundles. I was in a dilemma and overexcited. This all money belonged to me now. No one knew what the thugs had given me. On the same note, no one knew what they had told me. There was no one to claim the money. I had gotten a lot of money that would change my life. I took it to my father so that he could help me decide how to use it. He advised me to buy shares in the stock market before deciding on the business to start. From that time, my life has never been the same again. The event changed it financially and socially.

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I invested in the shares as my father had advised me. I was surprised by the interest that I earned. Since the money was too much, I shared it with my father and my two brothers. I gave my father half of the money so that he could invest in plots. He bought several plots and built rental houses. This way, the life of my father and mother also changed. The remaining part of the money was mine. I used some of it on the Taji restaurant and enlarged it. I preferred investing in shares since it was less demanding. From that time, my life changed completely. I was able to continue with my studies, buy a personal car, and stabilize my business. The social class that I used to socialize with also changed. I acquainted with people of higher economic status just because of that event.