June 8, 2017

5 Things to Avoid on the Exam Day

Today is the day when your knowledge will be tested. You are ready for it, aren’t you? Despite the fact that you studied all the material well, you are still a little bit worried. Have you done everything right to prepare for the test? Have you used your strengths and skills to the fullest? Let’s […]

May 30, 2017

The Importance of the First College Relationship

Best Relationship Tips First Relationship in College Being in college is a way different from high school life. It relates not only to the educational process, but to your personal life as well. Starting a relationship in college may be more complicated compared to high school, as you and the girl you like will not […]

May 26, 2017

True Story: My College Pays Me

Most of you will not believe it is true, but I have a proof. Every month my college sends me a check. In addition, I do not spend money on books and other stuff needed for school. What is more important, I have no loans and debts. If you are wondering how did a mere […]

May 16, 2017

How to Eat Healthy on a Student Budget

Maintaining a healthy diet suggests numerous benefits, among which decreasing the risk of diabetes and heart diseases, keeping optimum weight and supplying the organism with the necessary nutrients. One more benefit, which is especially great for students, is that healthy diet can also improve academic performance.